CrossFade Issue #1: Welcome welcome, one and all!

Welcome to CrossFade! This is the entertainment section of The Observer. We’re hoping to make this a semi-regular magazine type post on a Friday, to break up the monotony of always posting about college news, without cluttering up our little operation here. Sometimes people just want to read about music, film, sport, the works. So here we are. And if you feel like you want to get involved; if you want to review something, rant and rave about something, or want to write a letter to the editor (me), then feel free to, you know the address,

So enjoy, and let us know what you think.

-Dave Ryan Continue reading


Split over the future of

The battle lines have been drawn over the future of the SU website

Months before our new Student Executive take office, lines are already being drawn in the sand over the future of Maynooth’s Student Union website, the Observer has learned.

It seems that the University have already chosen their developer for the site: local business “Eclipse Internet Services”. Based on NUI Maynooth South Campus, Eclipse have a strong portfolio of public sector work. In fact, they’re responsible for almost all the entierity of the University’s online presence, and won the 2008 Irish Web Awards for ”Best University Website” for their work on the Maynooth Access Programme website ( Their services are rumoured to cost upwards of e7000. Continue reading

One college in, one college out, should they shake it all about?

The USI Hokey-Cokey provides more entertainment than our shoddy puns.

While procrastinating on Facebook during the week (as everyone does when avoiding an assignment), this Observer came across a new campaign which culminated on Wednesday in St. Patricks of Drumcondra voting with a staggering 96% to leave USI. Continue reading

Expansion Ideas

Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated

Sorry about our recent silence, but it’s deadline time for everything around these parts, and whereas for the time being you, dear reader, do not know who we are, our departments do, so these deadlines have been unavoidable.

But now that the workload has eased off, we can get back to business at The Observer. Fact is, student politics doesn’t have something major happening every single day, but we’d like to have something for you to read most days. Also, it’s nice to read the odd piece that isn’t about politics, So we’re going to expand a little. As well as politics,  we’re going to talk music, film, books,sport, whatever tickles our fancy, and we want YOU to help us out here. Review something, rant about something. Provided you aren’t a crazy person sending us chunks of your hair or anything (no, that hasn’t happened….yet), we’ll print you on our little corner of the internet. Also, if you have an ideas, drop us an email. Please drop us an email. Go on. Do it.

-Dave Ryan

UCD Student to head USI 2010/11

The Observer returns from a lengthy absence with a USI update

For the first time since 1994, a UCD student has won the top seat of USI when the university’s S.U President Gary Redmond beat current Equality Officer Linda Kelly by a margin of three votes (109-107) at this years USI National Congress, held in Galway last month. While NUI Maynooth were unable to cast votes, a delegation including members of this years and next years Exec were present and in this Observers opinion, may provide a valuable new voice when they obtain voting rights in the next college year. Continue reading