Split over the future of NUIMSU.com

The battle lines have been drawn over the future of the SU website

Months before our new Student Executive take office, lines are already being drawn in the sand over the future of Maynooth’s Student Union website, the Observer has learned.

It seems that the University have already chosen their developer for the site: local business “Eclipse Internet Services”. Based on NUI Maynooth South Campus, Eclipse have a strong portfolio of public sector work. In fact, they’re responsible for almost all the entierity of the University’s online presence, and won the 2008 Irish Web Awards for ”Best University Website” for their work on the Maynooth Access Programme website (access.nuim.ie). Their services are rumoured to cost upwards of e7000.

However, recently some have called into question the wisdom of hiring Eclipse to redesign the SU website. First, they do mostly public sector work – libraries, county councils, etc. Hardly the ethos needed for a Student Union website.

Second, e7000 seems a bit steep to the Observer. Some have championed the notion of a WordPress blog as being cheaper, easier to use, and faster to get online. In fact, getting the hosting for a WordPress blog and purchasing a professional theme for it would mean that NUIMSU could have a respectable website online within 48 hours. Content could start flying up immediatly. The cost? Just under e120.

There’s also something fundamentally wrong when a Student’s Union doesn’t even have control over it’s own online presence. But it turns out that the Observer aren’t the only ones to feel this way – Union Council recently voted unanimously that it formally opposes the hiring of Eclipse Internet Services to design the website.

Now that the students have made their preferences over their own website heard, we’re waiting to see what direction the University will take. Your move, gang.

-Dave Ryan



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4 thoughts on “Split over the future of NUIMSU.com

  1. Good move. I always thought 10 grand (the figure we were told in UC last year was set aside for the new website and general rebranding) was a ridiculous sum of money.

    I hear Rob Munnelly was behind this (might be wrong though). Good man Rob.

  2. ^ It’s a Rob iniative, and it makes perfect sense.

    WordPress makes perfect sense. In the time I’ve been using it, it hasn’t crashed once. The template would be a profesional one, meaning it’d look a bit slicker than the dozens already on offer at WordPress (Which are fine too in my own opinion) and it’s easy to embed various odds and ends onto the site.

    Off the top of my head, Joe Higgins MEP and Sinn Féin both use WordPress for their sites. Higgins in particular shows what can be done (joehiggins.eu), with Flickr, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook applications all in place.

    The current site doesn’t do the job, but that doesn’t mean we should chuck money away.

  3. Also, forgot to add, Aengus is operating a wordpress blog at the minute, and it’s fine. There’s no need to pay an outside company a fortune to ‘design’ a site. Some of the Eclipse sites are *shocking*.

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