Not a news story, but still, hilarious.

For those of you who still haven’t seen, here’s the youtube video doing the rounds of a student in NUIM proposing to a lecturer:

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Keep this post refreshed for updates on the UC as we hear them.

12.00- Reports of a tense atmosphere at the UC. No one sure of what’s happening aside from several rumours. Only Class Reps being allowed in Continue reading

Can’t make it to the UC?

The Observer understands that considering it’s study week, a lot of people won’t be in Maynooth for today’s emergency council meeting. As a result, The Observer will be here all day offering coverage of the meeting. During the course of the meeting,we are hoping to have live streaming updates from people in attendance at the meeting,which will all be posted as fast as i can type.

Following the meeting, we will have a couple of reviews and reactions to the meeting, a dissection of the day’s events.

So stick with us hear at The Observer for the best coverage available of this meeting. Contact us with anything through the usual channels (see below)

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UC NEWS: What today’s vote means

New Observer contributor C Na G asks what would a vote of no confidence in the current VP Welfare mean for the student’s union?

Today, at noon, Union Council will sit to decide the fate of our current and current elect VP Welfare & Education, Liz Murray. Early yesterday class reps were notified that an Emergency Union Council is being called to raise a motion of no confidence in Liz. Continue reading

UC UPDATE: The people speak

In a day where controversy abounds, the Facebook group in support of Liz Murray has been flooded with support for the twice-elected VP Welfare. Comments included:

  • “Trying to “oust” Liz now seems petty and like a textbook case of sour grapes! It’s an absolute farce! Liz was democratically elected twice, its time to face facts and deal with it!”
  • “Ousting? F*ck sake… Liz is class!”
  • “Anyone who stands against her in the union is foolish”

The backlash to the announcement of this vote is well underway, and the people have almost unilaterally come out in favour of Liz. The question now becomes whether the Union council sees it that way.

-Dave Ryan

MORE UC NEWS: The fightback begins.

The strorm clouds are gathering over tomorrow’s increasingly controversial vote of no confidence in Liz Murray. A campaign has begun on Facebook at

in order to begin the fightback against the vote. Will there be enough time? Stick with The Observer for more as it happens.

-Dave Ryan

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Motion for tomorrow’s UC sent out

Following our earlier exclusive regarding tomorrow’s emergency UC meeting, The Observer has gotten word that the motion of tomorrow’s meeting has been announced

“Motion – Vote of no confidence in Elizabeth Murray in her role as VP Education & Welfare”

More on this as news gets out.

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