UC UPDATE: The people speak

In a day where controversy abounds, the Facebook group in support of Liz Murray has been flooded with support for the twice-elected VP Welfare. Comments included:

  • “Trying to “oust” Liz now seems petty and like a textbook case of sour grapes! It’s an absolute farce! Liz was democratically elected twice, its time to face facts and deal with it!”
  • “Ousting? F*ck sake… Liz is class!”
  • “Anyone who stands against her in the union is foolish”

The backlash to the announcement of this vote is well underway, and the people have almost unilaterally come out in favour of Liz. The question now becomes whether the Union council sees it that way.

-Dave Ryan


One thought on “UC UPDATE: The people speak

  1. The fundamental problem here though is that nobody really knows *anything* about why this motion has been put forward.

    I’ve good time for Liz and alot of the work she did this year. I’ve disagreed with her on issues (Fundamentally on the issue of politics and the Union) but she has put forward a lot of good stuff (The charity fund being one example) and if you talk to her for even five minutes you realise she’s not actually in a position to disclose a lot of the day to day work she does, which is of quite a sensitive nature. Her work ethic can’t be doubted.

    Saying all that, I don’t think a motion like this would be put forward for no reason. I’ve great time for Brian and the Union he ran this year, and don’t think a split at this stage of the game is high on his, or anyones, agenda.

    Lets wait and hear it out.
    Lets make sure it doesn’t get personal.
    And lets not turn it into a Facebook war.

    This is, to me, looking very,very messy. I hope it doesn’t decay rapidly tomorrow, and wish (for a change!) a few more people would sit on the fence.

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