Keep this post refreshed for updates on the UC as we hear them.

12.00- Reports of a tense atmosphere at the UC. No one sure of what’s happening aside from several rumours. Only Class Reps being allowed in

12.10- Ian Russel in attendance at the meeting and perhaps someone from guardianship. About 40+non reps, 20+ reps (rough estimate)

12.13- http://twitter.com/dagda – “#fb packed uc”

12.26- Statement read by SU President Brian Murphy, “certain incidents by Liz”. Liz says she was “unaware [of any of this] until tuesday’s meeting”

12.36- Seems we are no closer yet to hearing WHAT the incidents were,  just that there WERE incidents.

12.44- You’ll have to bear with us here, our sources inside UC are reporting “annoyingly dodgy” signal strength, so it’s a tiny bit slower than we’d like.

13.02- Still seems to be going on. Not a peep from any of our people inside. It’s only speculation, but they must be debating the motion quite thoroughly. At least it will be a considered vote, regardless of which way it goes.

13.08- email in from an anonymous reader. Believes Brian must have “good reason to kick up such a fuss about it” and that we should “trust the man we elected to run the SU”. Another email claiming the proposed sacking would be “beyond a joke” as “she was elected twice” and “she has a mandate from the students…..nothing but gross misconduct should cost her her position”

13.18- While this period of silence continues, please feel free to voice your opinions via the usual methods. studentobserverireland@gmail.com

13.20- The vote has taken place, counting is now underway. Stay with us.

13.23- In response to several emails we’ve received,we are NOT going to comment on what people are saying on certain Facebook groups, or on boards.ie. As far as we know, these rumours remain just that, and considering the nature of them, we will absolutely not give them any press until we know more


13.29- 18 Against, 23 For. The quota was 27

13.33- Confirmation on Twitter- “#fb motion has fallen”. Similar reports on boards.

13.36- Phonecall from an inside source. “Thing was a bit of a farce. Can’t really say too much yet. Very vague. No specifics really given.”

13.43- So the meeting has ended, and Liz Murray survives as VP Welfare. This concludes our streaming updates on the meeting. We will be back as more people get in touch with us, and we’ll be releasing a couple of reaction pieces as the day goes on. Cheers for sticking with us for the hour or two

-Dave Ryan



Facebook, just search “The Student Observer”



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