Inside Eye: 2010/11 Exec

Dave Ryan presents a closer look at what we can look forward to this year

On July 1st, Maynooth’s new SU Exec took power. With this transition, some may wonder what will change? What will stay the same? In that spirit, The Observer’s Inside Eye returns to present you with a closer look; a preview of five of the major players in next year’s Exec. In this feature we will discuss their responsibilities, motivations and promises for the year ahead. Time to look into the crystal ball and see what 2010/11 has in store. Continue reading


New SU website arrives

Dave Ryan attempts to elaborate on his initial response of “Ooh, shiny…”

The Observer returned from it’s extended sabbatical upon news that a new SU website had gone live. Naturally, this was joyous news. Among the myriad of different things discussed during this year’s SU elections was a proposed revamp of the SU website. This issue took center stage, naturally, in the Hustings for VP Comms and Dev, and is perhaps the singular issue that separated the vision of the eventually elected Rob Munnelly from the relatively inexperienced David Tuohy. (For more on that debate, go to: ) Continue reading

Article From The Blogspot Vault: VP Comms and Dev Hustings

Originally billed as “Cutthroat Question Control, Swans, and Javascript”

It can only be the mile a minute world of VP Comms and Dev.

Monday afternoon of election week and The Observer is sat in the new Common Room dying for a bottle of coke. But the stage is now set (literally and metaphorically) for the day’s hustings, so this writer will stuggle on against the forces of thirst for the sake of journalistic integrity. Continue reading