New SU website arrives

Dave Ryan attempts to elaborate on his initial response of “Ooh, shiny…”

The Observer returned from it’s extended sabbatical upon news that a new SU website had gone live. Naturally, this was joyous news. Among the myriad of different things discussed during this year’s SU elections was a proposed revamp of the SU website. This issue took center stage, naturally, in the Hustings for VP Comms and Dev, and is perhaps the singular issue that separated the vision of the eventually elected Rob Munnelly from the relatively inexperienced David Tuohy. (For more on that debate, go to: )

And it seems that within days of taking office, our new VP Comms has delivered, as temporary SU site went live recently. As it is not the full finished product, we can’t really be all that critical as we don’t know what the full site will bring, but so far it appears to be a considerable upgrade on the embarrassingly dated model of years past. It’s a site that wil inevitably draw comparisons with The University Observer ( ) and with DCU’s own College View ( ), and being able to draw such lofty comparisons is a huge step in the right direction.

There are only a few bits and bobs present on the site, from new President Aengus’ remarks on taking control of the exec ( ), to Aengus and Rob’s tour of the very very snazzy new postgrad building ( ), but so far the reaction in The Observer offices is resoundingly positive. We’ll just have to wait now and check out the finihed product when it arrives, and hope that Rob delivers on some of his other promising manifesto points, specifically, a complete overhaul of The Print. For, as he said himself

“An effective student newspaper is the lifeblood of a college”

-Dave Ryan, just search “The Student Observer”


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