Different Observations: Hanafin Snub

The pro and anti-snub camps plead their case.

Prior to today’s snub of Mary Hanafin at the opening of NUI Maynooth’s new Iontas building, we issued an open invitation for someone from each side of the snubbing debate to explain their argument. First, owing to the fact it was the first side we received, the pro-snub argument: Continue reading


Coverage of Today’s Snub

We will have a number of reporters on the ground at today’s snub watching events unfold.

  • For live updates as things go down,check out our Twitter page: http://twitter.com/stobserver
  • I’ll have a big article posted this evening discussing today’s events and the build up to them
  • If Sean Lemass Cumann get back to us, we will have a piece on pro vs. anti-snub for your reading pleasure
  • We’d also like comments and submissions from anyone attending, or just anyone with an opinion!

-Dave Ryan



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Freshers’ Week Lineup

In the midst of all the serious political talk, here comes the fun.

Maynooth Students’ Union have announced the lineup for Freshers’ Week

Outdoor Fair 11am
DJ from Midday in The Bar
Manic Mondays’ Late Bar
Pump Up the Jam (free admission before 11pm, e5 after)

Inflatables(!) from 11am outside Student Union
DJ and Karaoke from Midday in The Bar
Fight Like Apes, with special guests Cast of Cheers and Futures Apart, 8:30pm in The Venue, admission e5

Freshers’ Ball, 8:30pm in The Venue, admission e10 for Maynooth students, featuring 3D disco and Fourplay DJs

Arthur’s Day (!), live music from 3pm in the Bar and Venue
Open Mic night from 9pm in The Bar
The Hardy Bucks in The Venue from 9pm

-Dave Ryan



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All the hubbub about the snub…

Juvenal makes his return to The Observer, to discuss the kick-off of protest season.

The joke among politico students after last years Student Union election was that the meaning of the initials ‘SU’ were changing to Soviet Union. While students won’t be welcomed back to military style marches of might or imprisonment for the non-payment of library fees, last years electees have already made an important step that sets themselves apart from previous administrations. Continue reading

The Big Interview: Rob Munnelly (Part II)

In the second part of our big Interview, Rob talks papers, Ents, and boards with Dave Ryan

Now, DCU has a system where one paper is news and current affairs [The College View] and then they have a magazine [Flux] is the entertainment magazine. Are you amalgamating those two different ideas into one paper?

Yeah, we are. Continue reading

The Big Interview: Rob Munnelly

Dave Ryan talks The Print, nuimsu.com, Ents, Aengus and all the rest with Maynooth’s VP Comms/Dev

The sun was burning brightly, but it was also lashing rain. It could only be Ireland. But it was in this bizarre climate that The Observer made it’s triumphant return in person to Maynooth, sans black suit. Aside from the awe-inspiring sight of the new building dwarfing everything it’s surrounds [more on that next week], not much has changed. And so I found myself loitering at the coffee machine in the Arts Block for this year’s first big interview. Of all the victories in last years SU Election, the position of VP Comms and Dev was the most decisive, as Rob Munnelly raced past the finish line. Now, two months into his job proper, you would expect to meet a man who has had enthusiasm drained from him by the day-to-day work of the Union. But to my surprise, I found a man still incredibly enthusiastic about almost every issue you can think to discuss(Though this may, in some small part, be attributed to the cup of coffee he was nursing.). Continue reading