Pangloss’ Identity

So let’s not make a fuss out of it….

Eight or nine months into any endeavor like this is a long time, and by this point it has become impractical for all our business to be conducted anonymously. The same anonymity that allowed us to say what we wanted prohibited us from being taken seriously at times. So, out of fairness to anyone that reads our stuff, it’s time to be honest. Continue reading


DCU Rejects USI: A Cause For Concern?

In our first ever joint article, Dave Ryan and Juvenal discuss the fallout from DCU’s USI Referendum.

In the weeks immediately following the National Student March in Dublin, DCU held a referendum asking its students whether they wished to re-affiliate with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI). Many in NUI Maynooth believed that DCU students would have voted in a similarly overwhelming fashion as many see DCU as a form of sister college as it comprises of similar structures and student make up. In fact they did, but in the completely opposite direction. Continue reading

Panic on the streets of London

Dave Ryan discusses the recent past and unsure future of students.

Last week, in an almost creepy parallel to recent events on Merion Row, University students in Britain marched en masse in London to protest almost draconian cuts in education by the Conservative/Lib Dem government. Much like that afternoon on Merion Row, the protest turned violent, as some marchers occupied the Millbank Building, headquarters of the British Conservative Party. Though the events of that day are not entirely similar, perhaps there is something to be learned from what happened for us. Continue reading

Students march against Garda brutality

Juvenal talks about the second protest of the last week. This one ended better.


It was a fitting end to an exciting and turbulent week. Wednesday November 10 saw a peaceful protest march organised by Free Education for Everyone (FEE) and Students in Solidarity (SIS) against the violence directed towards students who participated in the sit-in and protest at the Dept. of Finance during the USI National Student March the week previous. Continue reading

Returning Officer Position Vacant

The Students’ Union is looking to fill the position of Returning Officer.

The main duties of the post of Returning Officer is to run the Students’ Union elections and referenda as well as act as chairperson for the Union Council. For further information on the roles you can view the Students’ Union constitution (attached with this mail) or contact Ian Russell or Aengus Ó Maoláin (SU President) in the Students’ Union Centre.

All those interested in the posts should send in a letter of application along with a CV to Ian Russell (Secretary to the Guardianship of the Constitution) by 12 noon on Monday, 22nd November via e-mail: (please quote “Returning Officer Application” in the subject line) or hand in a hard copyof the application to the Students’ Union offices.


-Dave Ryan, just search ‘The Student Observer’

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News Notes: The Difficult Second Issue?

Dave Ryan discusses moments of note from The Print’s protest special

The return of the Print this week posed two intriguing questions: how would they handle the more negative aspects of last week’s protest, and could the same standard on display in the first issue remain as high?

Rather than just regurgitating exactly what was said, I’m just going to discuss some of my impressions of the issue, and I implore you all to go and get a copy and read for yourselves. Continue reading


Dave Ryan on 1st Year Rep controversy

Bit late to the bat on this, but owing to what MSU officials are calling a ‘computer error’, NUIM 1st year rep elections are having a do-over. Ruaidhri Boland, who had controversially won the first election by only three votes, will now have to return to the campaign trail, along with those he bested in the contest, Kate Jackson and third placed Allana. On top of that, nominations have been re-opened. Details on that here.

For the record, the results last time were: Ruaidhri: 210, Kate: 207, Alanna: 32.


In other news, yesterday’s planned Union Council meeting has been rescheduled until next Tuesday November 16 at lunchtime.

Dave Ryan, just search ‘The Student Observer’

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