Provisions for National Student March – Wednesday 3rd November

Email sent to students from MSU President:

A chairde

Thousands of students from across the country will be converging on Dublin tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon to stand up for education not emigration, and at present some 1,500 Maynooth students have signed up as attending. The stakes are extremely high, as the proposed cutbacks to education would be devastating to both current and future cohorts of students.

In order to facilitate students and friends wishing to attend the march, the Students’ Union will be providing bus transport to and from the event.

Buses will leave the Students’ Union from 10.30am and return by 5pm (latest). A return ticket and demonstration tshirt costs just €5.00 after a considerable discount from the Union has been applied. Anyone can buy a ticket at any time up until the last bus leaves Maynooth.

I advise you that parking will not be permitted along the side of the Callan Building tomorrow as over 30 buses are coming in on campus to collect students. The buses will be coming in on a phased basis – five buses at a time. To ensure the movement of traffic it is necessary to close of the parking bay along the side of the Callan Building. The assistance of the University is gratefully noted in this matter.

For more information please see

Thank you for your support.

Is mise le meas,

Aengus Ó Maoláin


Maynooth Students’ Union


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