Pangloss’ Identity

So let’s not make a fuss out of it….

Eight or nine months into any endeavor like this is a long time, and by this point it has become impractical for all our business to be conducted anonymously. The same anonymity that allowed us to say what we wanted prohibited us from being taken seriously at times. So, out of fairness to anyone that reads our stuff, it’s time to be honest.

My name is Dave Ryan, and I am the founder and editor of The Student Observer, and have been since its inception. I chose the pseudonym of Pangloss after a character from Voltaire’s Candide. The reference was tongue-in-cheek, I thought, as the character of Pangloss, the title character’s mentor, was a bit of a know-it-all, and that’s what I would be claiming to be.

Anonymity provided me with a lot of opportunities at the start, while I was still finding my feet. I was able to make mistakes without worrying. But now, it’s just become a bit annoying.

Finally,  just to clear a couple of things up:

*No, I do not know the identity of either of my colleagues, nor anyone who has submitted articles.

*No, I will not be telling anyone who my sources are at any point. Not a bloody chance.

*Feel free to chat to me any time. I’m only a bit of a bastard.

So yeah, that’s that……..ta-dah?

– Dave Ryan, just search ‘The Student Observer’

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