The 2010 Observer Awards

Because there’s always a “Best Of” issue

Black suit? Check. Cheesy musical number? Check. Welcome everybody, to the first annual Observer Awards, the special time where we all gather to appreciate how fantastic we all are. The past ten months in which we’ve been reporting has been eventful to say the very least. Elections, referendum, protests, fees, more protests. In the spirit of the season, we thought it appropriate to go back over the year and award some of the best, brightest, and funniest moments of the year.

Best Dressed: Jason Whelan The first award of the night goes to a man who some describe as a one-man wolf pack, and a man who knows a bad-ass t-shirt when he sees one. Amidst the formally dressed exec candidates this year, Jason Whelan stood alone and stood proud. So much so, that even one of those in attendance at the Exec hustings was compelled to ask him where he shops. As if anyone else has the flare to pull off his look, I ask you…….

Best Clubs & Socs Advertising: Fencing Soc Amidst the dross and banality that usually is Fairs Day, The Observer fell victim to the finest sales pitch in the history of sales (and pitches), when a member of the Fencing society approached me, and simply said “Free sword?”. Bravo.

Most unfathomably annoying advertising of the year: The goddamn chalk This year, a plague struck Maynooth. Worse than the mumps plague of ’07, worse even than the great Canteen draught of ’08-present. It all began when one person thought a unique method of free advertisement would be to write in chalk on the ground. Then someone else stole the idea. Pretty soon the only unique thing was the areas of North campus that weren’t caked in the stuff. Please. Stop. This.

Most Improved Food of the year: The SU In the wake of losing our canteen in late 2008, students were forced to find other means of nourishment. Until this year, the place most of us retreated to was Pugin Hall, where we found out that our major crime in life was intruding on the place, and having the nerve to be hungry in the process. Additionally, there’s a bit of a recession on, decently-priced food is tough to come by. Mercifully, the revamped SU food does just that.

Best Tea/Coffee on campus: Bewley’s, Arts Block There is nothing more depressing than a student pretending to enjoy a cup of hot grey muck from Londis. Fine a shop as it is, the coffee? Yeesh…… For good coffee, look no further than Bewleys, who provide the finest coffee on campus, with great service to boot. And I’m a git for their homemade flapjacks etc.

Photographer of the year: Neil Frazer If there is an event, and it takes place in Maynooth, Neil Frazer has captured every second of it on camera. Not in a creepy way. We think. His pictures have graced The Print and the SU’s site and FB page, and are at a consistently high standard.

Student Journalist of the year: Donal Fallon Good journalism creates controversy. In deciding who would win this particular award, we looked at who wrote the pieces that prompted the most discussion amongst us here in the office, while maintaining a high quality. Donal Fallon wrote our favourite article in The Print this year: his feature in Issue One. He has also written for FEEs website, providing a coherent voice to a group some students are generally wary of.

Best use of gratuitous nudity in an election campaign: Gav Brady Some men are remembered as war heroes, some remembered as inventors, as doctors. For Gav Brady, he will be forever remembered as the man who created serious discussion of Lucy Pinder’s breasts in a political scenario, and God bless him for that. For the brief time before the posters were taken down, students revelled in the genius of Gav, who finally brought the worlds of democracy and cleavage together.

Feud of the year: Three-way tie Many feuds worthy of novelisation took place in Maynooth this year, and we managed to narrow it down to our three favourites to award this prolific honour.

• Rob Munnelly vs. Campus Security: Among the more entertaining aspects of the new Print this year is the infographic section. The first of which was designed to alert students of security concerns in the college. At the time, we dubbed it “a burglar’s wet dream of an article, illustrating where best to steal stuff”. Clearly campus security didn’t take kindly to this public criticism of their work, as Rob found himself mysteriously locked out of his office one night a couple of months back. We pray that this feud continues to escalate to ridiculous proportions. Perhaps Rob will take to wearing black and white horizontal stripes, carrying a bag with giant euro signs all over it. Perhaps security construct a brick wall right in front of Rob’s office door.

• Paul Gogarty TD vs. FEE Maynooth: Nothing screams political acumen quite like calling students ‘muppets’ on the internet. But nonetheless, Paul Gogarty was drawn into an incredibly entertaining battle with members of FEE. With his every tweet, he lost credibility, and FEE gained it. And who says politicians are over-payed? His repeated use of the word ‘muppet’ shows that poor Paul can’t even afford a thesaurus…..

• Jason Whelan vs. The Internet. No one could possibly predict that the most entertaining part of the election this year would be watching a man commit political suicide on, but so it was. Check it out, words can’t describe.

Other Awards:

Pub Of The Year: The Roost

Muppet of the year: Paul Gogarty TD

LOL of the Year: Pat Byrne ‘s Freshers’ week video

Best Historical Research 2010: The History of the L ‘N D – iss. 2 Print

Most innovative Campaigning: Friend of The Observer Padraig McCarrick, who as reported by many emails, ripped open his shirt to reveal a USI T’Shirt during a lecture address.

Lifetime achievement award: The 140-odd year old debating mastermind, Aidan Rowe

Quotes of the Year (3-way tie):

• Declan Meenagh “I’ve got a vision for the future, but not so much for colours”,

• Jason Whelan “I GOT THE MOVES!!!!!”,

• DJ Damo “Is your hand up his arse? Get your hand outta his arse”

Award for outstanding cameo in a jelly wrestling contest: Pat Byrne



Rob gets our inaugural Person of The Year award for several reasons.

• Has achieved a large proportion of what he promised, and is still working on the others

• Has been the most popular (and talkative) interview the Observer has ever had

• Has made The Print something that literate people can comprehend.

• No one else really did a whole hell of a lot

• Jason Whelan already won an armful of awards, it would be unfair to give him ALL of them.

– Dave Ryan, just search ‘The Student Observer’

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5 thoughts on “The 2010 Observer Awards

  1. Well done to everyone featured above and a very creative idea. A lot of interesting things student news-wise seem to be coming out of Maynooth, which is great. Keep up the good work!

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