NUIM Exec ’11: Are You Running?

I love the smell of democracy in the morning…. Dave Ryan explains how the election season will be covered, and makes an offer to all candidates.

Exec elections are fast approaching, and with a General Election next week, busy season has certainly begun.

Today’s announcement that Keith Broni will run for the position of VP Comms & Dev is the first of what will be many many news items to appear in the next couple of weeks, and we will be keeping you aware of it as best we can….

BUT FIRST, we at The Observer would like to make an offer to all candidates who run in this year’s election. In the interest of impartiality, we are offering all candidates (and we do mean ALL candidates) an interview, to be published here in The Observer. Once the nominations are closed, and the candidates are announced, we will attempt to open lines of communication with all candidates in order to secure an interview. Candidates may feel free to approach us before nominations close- we will not announce anything before the official announcement is made. Candidates, or anybody else for that matter, may contact us at, or myself personally at My schedule is reasonably flexible, but interview times can be discussed via email.

During the course of the Exec Election, we will be running things at The Observer slightly differently. Accompanying any interviews we secure, we will be analysing Election literature and manifestos, providing detailed reports on Hustings, and taking a closer look at each candidate with the return of our Inside Eye feature. Hopefully, we can also provide a daily update, a quick summary of the day’s events, if necessary.

We will also feature special articles from regular contributors, and working on several special features. And of course, we will be publishing all breaking news on our Facebook [ ], and our Twitter [ ].

Until then,

-Dave Ryan


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