The Observer is a Year Old!

The verbal equivalent of patting ourselves on the back

On February 20th 2010, The Student Observer was founded amidst the furore of last year’s Exec Election. One year later, as I prepare our article release schedule for the Election period, it would be remiss of me not to walk down memory lane and talk about the last year.

The whole concept of the Observer came to me in an IM conversation with my good friend and future housemate, Padraig McCarrick. I bemoaned the very existence of the Print, arguing that a paper operated by the Union is not in a position to say what it likes about the Union or the College. I had been making this argument as long as I had been in college, and had grown tired of it. It was at that moment that it dawned on me that I could do it: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and all that crap.

Setting up a (crude) blogspot address, myself, and another mate of mine who had just started that year in college, started posting under the pseudonyms of Pangloss and Juvenal, following a good twenty minutes discussing how best to sound pompous and erudite.

The year that has followed has been beyond incredible, so I’m just going to share a few thoughts, and then a few words of thanks.

When this blog began, I thought that we’d do it for a week or two, get bored and then quit. In our entire history, we have only ever advertised once: on a post on And advertisement that promptly earned us a brief encounter with the ban-hammer. Despite our complete lack of advertisement anywhere, readers found us, and although we aren’t exactly revolutionising media, our numbers have far exceeded our own expectations. Sometimes our work has drawn criticism, sometimes we have been praised for it, but the point is, people are interested. Not necessarily in what we have to say, but interested in the things we talk about.

The obstacles we began with were trying to figure out how to behave like journalists, and how to get the word out that we were here. Our biggest obstacle in the next year will be finding our successors. Juvenal already has little or no time, and by our second anniversary, I will most likely be finished college. So that’ll be fun.

But enough arrogant blabbering, I have a few words of thanks to finish on. I cannot really explain in a small few words how thankful  Juvenal and I are to each of these people. So without further ado, we want to give our sincere thanks to the following people, in no particular order:

Padraig McCarrick, Jason Whelan, Rob Munnelly, Aengus Ó Maoláin, Tara Clarke, Gavin Brady, Daniel O’ Carroll, Karen Meara, Left At Home, Thobias Inkblot, Aidan Rowe, Sean Lemass Cumann, Wayne Moore, Peter Keane, Declan Meenagh, C na G, Donal Fallon,  Shane McNally, Michael Keogh, Keith Broni, and last, but by no means least,  Samuel ‘Hack Flash’ Hamilton.

[We’d also like to thank all our sources, who I’m obviously not going to name. Give me some credit….I’m not THAT drunk]

All these people, whether it was a kind word, an email, advice, or whatever, contributed in their unique way to The Observer since its inception, and the phrase ‘thank you’ falls quite a bit short. You are the reason we’re still here, and this project of ours belongs as much to those people as it ever did to Juvenal and I.

Soppy moment over. Let’s go break some shit.

Dave Ryan, just search ‘The Student Observer’

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