2011 General Election Updates [LIVE]

FF: 3

FG: 15

Lab: 10

GP: 0

SF: 2

IND: 5

OTH: 1

11:17- Well, I’m awake, and here we go.


11:27- Early reports out of Kildare North suggest that FF’s gamble to run two candidates has failed, as neither are on course to gain a seat. Labour and Fine Gael candidates performing well

11:39- RTE report from South Kildare: “Excited FGers in Punchestown. Heydon set to win back seat Alan Dukes lost in in Kildare South 2002 #kensth #ge11

11:50- FF people being interviewed on RTE being very candid about getting a hammering. They may as well I suppose.

11:54- John Bowman is a welcome relief to the tedium that is Pat Kenny.

11:58- We should have first tally from Kildare North in about half an hour. Looks like, as expected, FF will take an absolute battering

11:59- Amused to hear that student favourite (and Observer Muppet of the Year winner) Paul Gogarty lost his seat, and conceded via Twitter. All aboard the ROFLcopter

12:05- John Gormley in trouble in Dublin SE

12:11-I’m having more trouble choosing breakfast than I did choosing election candidates. Hmm.

12:12- Kildare South: Tally complete – Martin Heydon 33%, Jack Wall 28%, Sean O’Fearghail, 12%, Sean Power 10%.

12:13- Looks like champion of the harangued, Joan Burton, will top the poll in her constituency

12:27- Tally in Kildare North moving at the speed of glacial erosion

12:34- Emmett Stagg and Bernard Durkan set to top Kildare North poll. Catherine Murphy, who said attending a debate at NUIM “wasn’t worth her time” doing well.

12:37- FG’s Martin Heydon to get in on the first count in Kildare South.

13:05- brunch break

17:32- aaaaand I’m back

17.40- Mary Hanafin in serious trouble.

17.43- In my absence, Bernard Durkan was deemed elected, having topped the poll. Emmet Stagg expected to be next through, FF’s Fitzpatrick eliminated

18:13- Emmet Stagg deemed elected in Kildare North

18:51- Gerry Adams elected, as is Brian Lenihan

19:20- Labour’s John McGinley excluded on latest count in Kildare North


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