MSU President-Elect in ‘Terror Plot’

As we speak, MSU Vice-President Communications & Development and President-Elect Robert ‘Rodney’ Munnelly has become involved in a terrorist plot at the hands of a new militant student group, the Revolutionary Union Council (RUC)

In a video directed at Mr. Munnelly, the RUC demanded that he performs Rebecca Black’s hit Youtube smash ‘Friday’ in the Common Room (Al’s Diner) this Friday at 12 pm. In return, the RUC will release all copies of The Print, who they have hostage.

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Professor Bertie.

While ‘Honorary Professor” Bertie Ahern spent Monday fulfilling his teaching duties in the Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth, Donal Fallon shares his musings on his controversial role.

When Bertie Ahern remarked that his biggest regret following years of serving in government was his failure to obtain a proper soccer stadium for the capital, it struck a nerve with a great deal of the general public. With levels of emigration not seen since the hellish 1980s, coupled with rising unemployed and even dreaded home repossessions, to many ordinary tax payers it showed just how out of touch Ahern actually was with the general public.

Personally, my favourite Ahern moment has always been his praise for Ray Burke upon that mans retirement from politics. Nothing demonstrated quite so clearly that beneath the ‘average wurkin’ class republican fella from the northside’ routine was a man living on another planet. Burke would ultimately spend time in prison for tax evasion. Burke is also one of the men most responsible for the giveaway of billions of Euro worth of Irish natural resources.

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Radio Free Maynooth #4: Our mate Gaz

It’s that time of the week again, Radio Free Maynooth is here to sooth your ear holes.

On the podcast this week’s edition we talk about: why you may never hear the original episode 4, wine, cans on the footbridge, Paudi vs. the BNP, The new Sabbatical position, USI, and the team issues an open invite to Gary ‘Gaz’ Redmond.


PRESS RELEASE: DCU ULA condemns new constitution

The following is a press release sent to us and several other student news sites from the DCU ULA.

The new DCUSU constitution has been adopted, with 70% of voters voting yes.Whilst DCU ULA recognise that the student body have voted, and have made a decision, we will fight to restore the democratic balance and the place of equality in our university from tomorrow.

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Founding member of Free Education for Everyone campaign becomes MEP for Dublin.

FEE Founding Member and new MEP Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy, a former student at University College Dublin who was a founding member of both FEE and the earlier CFE (Coalition for Free Education) campaigns has replaced Joe Higgins as the Socialist Party/United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin.

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Cans on the Footbridge: A Love Story

It was the best of times: students gather to pay their respects

It was hyped up as the event of the semester, heck the year. Over 1,200 people were said to attend. The sheer thought of such a gathering had both campus security and insurance companies in terror. Yet the event that was to grace the cold, slightly snowy night of  9 March, while it failed to meet the historic numbers Facebook tends to promise (but not quite keep), was a fitting tribute to one of the universities most loved and loathed structures.

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