The Big Audio Interview: Paul Kerton

Today, Pádraig sits down with the first of the Presidential candidates, Paul Kerton, to discuss his unique campaign, student politics and the fun (or lack there of) of being a postgrad.

If you want to contact Paul:

email at
or search Paul Kerton on Facebook for his personal profile.


8 thoughts on “The Big Audio Interview: Paul Kerton

  1. Padgraig needs not to say ‘Yeah”yeah’ ‘yeah’ after every point made.Also I’m voting no on the constitution.I don’t approve of abortion.

  2. @Michael, the new constitution has absolutely nothing to do with abortion! Not sure where you heard this, but it’s completely untrue.

  3. Michael, I believe you are mistaken. I was talking about abortion being a contentious issue in general and at no point said abortion was in the proposed MSU constitution.

    The pro-life campaigners were there giving out leaflets on voting for a general election candidate that was pro-life or something like that and against the Labour Party stance on the issue, hence the vote no to Labour. As they were standing right beside the polling booth, and as Paul highlighted, many students passing by were led to believe the issue was on abortion, or that it had something to do with it.

    We have an article on the main points of the new constitution written by C Na G on this site, which hopefully will help you make up your mind on the issue now that that abortion issue has been settled.

    Also, i do say yeah quite a lot 😀 whoops.



  4. With regard to voting, as long as you’re only voting for one person, a tick will do fine. All you need is a clear first preference, is it not?
    Or am I mistaken?

  5. To back up what Michael was saying there,funny thing is,I didn’t know anything about the pro-life demonstration and I was under the impression that the vote included something about abortion.That was a few weeks before it took place.SU should hire some PR people if people are getting so easily confused for a variety of reasons.

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