The Big Audio Interview: Mícheál ‘Shmick’ Hughes

After a reschedule, Pádraig eventually sits down with St. Pat’s Rep (shortened version) Candidate, Mícheál ‘Shmick’ Hughes to discuss his campaign, fire breathing and steak knives.

info at:
search Mícheálfor StPats into Facebook

Manifesto at


2 thoughts on “The Big Audio Interview: Mícheál ‘Shmick’ Hughes

  1. Some discrepancies I’d like to point out:
    -The Theology rep has never been a post grad in my time until this year. It has usually been an undergrad.
    -The theology ball was still a failure despite the fact it was initially canceled.
    -There were no posters for the theology ball.
    -A south Campus wall gate has been refused the last 2 years. This decision is taken by the board of St Pat’s comprising of 20+ people, not just Hugh Connolly.
    -Henry Durka did meet with the St Pat’s rep and the President of St Pat’s.
    -There was a group helping with the theology ball this year. They were thanked at the ball.
    – 3rd year Rep was never elected until February this year. There were no announcements ever this year in a 3rd year class.
    -None of these things are achievements, the referendum has not past yet.

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