Radio Free Maynooth #2: Brian & Leopold

The difficult second episode

It’s the return of our weekly podcast! I have decided in the days since we recorded this that I’m going to stick with the title “Radio Free Maynooth” owing to it sounding infinitely better than “Student Observer Radio”.

Anyway, on this week’s episode, the first one featuring Padraig McCarrick, and recorded after a 12-hour day of covering the elections, we talk our predictions on the eve of the MSU elections, why Aidan Rowe is apparently ‘like Hitler’, Pirates of The Carribean (?), Brian’s favourite movie, and our guilty pleasure movies, all while trying to stop Dave from falling asleep.


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Maynooth #2: Brian & Leopold

  1. Aidan Rowe :

    I am neither like Hitler nor 5% mental.

    Agreed, but to clarify, i was saying that 5% of the time you would throw in a comment to fuck with people that we wouldnt notice at first. The one during that audio update being Exhibit A.

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