RFM #3: The Northern Express

The guest-host experiment begins with a fluorish

Right. We’re back. Episode 3, and no closer to being even a semi-serious panel discussion. This week on the show, Paudi and I are joined by Shmick Hughes and Cathal Óg Donnelly, in an episode recorded the week before the MSU elections. On this edition of Radio Free Maynooth, the panel discuss:

Liam Neeson in Sligo, Indiana Jones (and George Lucas’ crimes against our childhoods), pizza, an attempt at a serious discussion about negative student stereotypes, Charlie Sheen, a Petrograd reference (by guess who?), and the Ulster-scots “language”.

Enjoy, and tell your friends! Also, we’re deeply sorry for anyone offended by Paudi or Shmick while I was keeping track of the number of lawsuits.

Also, At David Joyce’s request, we are to say Shmick jumped the gun and that he is planning to do a PHD and nothing is concrete as of yet. Sorry for spoiling part of the show.


3 thoughts on “RFM #3: The Northern Express

  1. Dave “we have an agenda topic-” Paudi cuts in “Wait, Before we do that can I talk about Indiana Jones!”

    Pure. Comic. Genius.

  2. Sorry about the David Joyce stuff!
    I was told different…… Not like me to be wrong but anyway!

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