MSU President-Elect in ‘Terror Plot’

As we speak, MSU Vice-President Communications & Development and President-Elect Robert ‘Rodney’ Munnelly has become involved in a terrorist plot at the hands of a new militant student group, the Revolutionary Union Council (RUC)

In a video directed at Mr. Munnelly, the RUC demanded that he performs Rebecca Black’s hit Youtube smash ‘Friday’ in the Common Room (Al’s Diner) this Friday at 12 pm. In return, the RUC will release all copies of The Print, who they have hostage.

In recent days, Mr. Munnelly has become an outspoken critic of Miss Black’s song, whom he had blamed for The Print missing its deadline last week. The copies of the paper which is being held by the group was last seen in the Maynooth Student Union this afternoon (Wednesday), exiting Chill around 3 pm.

Little is known about the RUC, although current St. Pats Rep Mícheál ‘Shmick’ Hughes is rumoured to be a mediary for the organisation and has been unreachable for the last several hours. On the groups Facebook page, the groups mission statement is “Our role in life is to annoy Robert Munnelly as much as is humanly possible. A united Maynooth against the forces of Robert.”

The group is said to be one in a wave of new militant groups on campus including the Continuity Union National Trust (C.U.N.T), who had splintered from RUC earlier this evening, due to their ‘use of ties’ and ‘low demands’. They claim to own 12 million copies of The Print compared to the RUC’s 12,000. Their demands also include that Robert sings Justin Bieber’s “Baby, Baby, Baby”.

More to follow as we hear more.

-Padraig McCarrick.


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