Radio Free Maynooth #9: Sex On The Beach

This week, Dave, Paudi, and Shane are joined by Shmick as they talk:

distressing levels of nudity at BICS, thieves and brigands, the future of third level education, the 2011/12 exec, the rise of the hard right in Europe, along with everyone’s favourite segments: BOARDSWATCH, and Paudi’s wacky news

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Radio Free Maynooth #8: A Hostile Takeover?

In which the tables are turned around on our heroes. Also featuring trace amounts of Brian. Maybe.

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Is Left Right?

An article that should hopefully spark a bit of debate as it’s been a slow week.

Maynooth is, and has been a predominately left wing University since
its boom period of the 1990’s and 2000’s. This is obvious from its
very large Labour Youth support in the society and its large number of
Labour party supporters on the MSU executive committee. During the
last General Election the ULA had a much stronger showing on campus
than both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, but why is this? Is it because
the youth of today want an end to Civil War politics? Judging from an
article in the Print around the time of the General Election this has
at least something to do with it.

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Radio Free Maynooth #7: WORST. EPISODE. EVER.

I don’t even know what to say about this one. I’m sorry. Things weren’t really clicking, so it’s not exactly podcast gold, but myself, Paudi, Brian and Shmick made the most of it.

On this week’s podcast: boardswatch returns, Donal Fallon’s ban from USI page, VP CSUD Elections, and Paudi’s whacky news.

Paudi being a dork. Awesome.

Radio Free Maynooth #6: Sex With Elves

Radio Free Maynooth returns this week, and boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you. This week, Dave, Paudi and Shane are joined by Observer journo of the year, Mr. Donal Fallon. On the show this week, we discuss:

The biggest challenge of Vincent Browne’s career, internet creeps, The Gathering, Prof. Bertie, November 3, USI, sex with elves, the best of Craigslist, and the debut of “Boards-watch” with Paudi