#msuelections11 : Some Memorable Quotes

Some moments of levity from the recent election season

“I care not for your petty bourgeois theatre”- Padraig Mc Carrick

“We all know we’re paying for Gary Redmond’s beer belly”- Cathal Donnelly

“I’m voting for Rob because he talks fast and knows stuff”- Sinead Cahill

“What is this, some kind of Victorian crime thriller?”- Dave Ryan, as he watched about half a dozen people pressing their ears to the wall to eavesdrop on the count.

“I’m in Bernard’s house now getting hammered. YEEEEEOOOOOOO!! COME ON MAL!……That was Alan Coyne by the way”- Peter Room, via Facebook

“If in doubt, knock her out”- Fionn Brickley

“You crafty son of a bitch, you almost had me!”- Keith Broni

“Hanging out with @stobserver, waiting for an opportunity to steal some ballots and fashion them into a hat”- Aidan Rowe, via Twitter

“Spoil of the day lads: someone drew a cock in Ruaidrhi’s box!”- Shmick Hughes (Ruaidrhi would go on to contest this as a clear first preference)

“I’m Mal Callan and I’m running for VP Welfare”- Mal Callan, VP Comms candidate

“I always like sticking knives in a toaster”- Cathal Donnelly. VP Welfare candidate

“Yes there was lawlessness in the Wild West, but at least there was a sense of justice.”– Padraig McCarrick

“The point of dressing like this is that people won’t vote for me.” -Fionn Brickley


One thought on “#msuelections11 : Some Memorable Quotes

  1. “Hi I’m Mal and I’m running for VP Comms. I’m the guy that looks like a traveler…..but i’m not a traveller….not there’s anything wrong with that…” 3rd Yr English address in front of Dr. Moynagh Sullivan…..ulimate feminist/equality/liberal thinker in Maynooth!

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