Radio Free Maynooth #13: Season One Finale.

I’ve always wanted to do a season finale…….

For the last time this academic year, a new episode of Radio Free Maynooth is here. On this episode:

we finally talk the year in review, with Broni

So enjoy the episode, download and share, and enjoy your summer! We’ll be releasing some stuff over the summer, so fear not, we aren’t deserting you.


Thou art banished!

An issue that is quite close to the students heart has always been travelling, be it based on the premise of escape, exploration or in search of a job. The latter is increasingly becoming a necessity in a country that is gripped by the worst recession in the history of the state and we have not seen the end of it.

As communities lose their youth in a chilling reflection of the eighties in both numbers and the imagery associated with people forced to travel half the world away in search of work that they are qualified and willing to do.

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Radio Free Maynooth #11: Keith Broni vs. The World

They’re baaaack…………..

Radio Free Maynooth has returned to cure your summer blues! This week Dave is joined by Shane, Brian and Keith Broni, as they discuss:

Kate & Leopold, Hitler, Princeton Review , USI Survey, Labour Party backpedal, Aengus elected to USI, and a guest appearance by Paudi.