VP SEC launches new newsletter service

The Reign of Broni begins, as Dave Ryan reports

The newly minted Vice President for Services, Events and Communications, Keith ‘The QR Code Kid’ Broni has announced a revamp of the SU subscription newsletter. Available here by filling out a simple form, Broni promises that this year’s newsletter will be a vast improvement on previous attempts…..

Form for the new subscription newsletter

The newsletter will not start regular circulation until closer to the beginning of term, but Mr. Broni has hinted that students may receive an email regarding events for first semester when they are confirmed, making this subscription newsletter a necessity for Maynooth students.

An interesting side feature of this announcement is the first, but not last use, of the VP SEC’s new favourite toy: QR codes. (More on just what they are here )

By scanning this image on the MSU Facebook page , you can get yourself to the aforementioned form. Be on the lookout for these codes upon your return to campus in September.

-Dave Ryan




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