Observer Week in Review 26-30 September

Fairs Day this week.

Maynooth News:

  • Wednesday saw the MSU Fairs Day, where Clubs and Socities peddled their wares in order to attract new students to their ranks. Reports and podcast to follow.
  • The Print saw it’s first issue of the year delayed due to Keith Broni’s violent man flu but thankfully is on the stalls for you to pick up now. An online edition can be found here.
  • After talking to us on Fairs Day, the MSU Lit N Deb Soc had their inaugural debate titled “This house believes in wet t-shirt competitions”. Hopefully, we’ll have something on it over the next week.
  • North campus no longer smells of sewage. HORAAYY!
  • The Observer team had their first staff breakfast at the new canteen with fellow friends of the Observer. An in depth special will be coming soon.


National News:

  • The Presidential elections kicked off with arecord of candidates. RFM episode dedicated to the election can be found here
  • Dave also provided a report card of all Presidential Candidates performances on Friday’s Late Late Show debate. You can read that here.
  • In speaking to the College Tribune, USI have fired a ‘warning shot’ to the government in relation to education cutbacks. A 7 step plan is proposed by Gary Redmond, although they’re not quite sure what they all are. The article can be found here.
  • Our own Shane McNally, aka Thobias Iinkblot has written a response to Redmond’s seven point plan here
  • After going 1-0 up at White Heart lane, Shamrock Rovers suffered another defeat in their European adventure after Spurs scored three times in six minutes to deny the Tallaght men their first points of the competition.


Entertainment Corner, with Brian

Hypnodog. Just think about that for a second. Mull it over. Roll it around. Hypnodog. Sounds interesting, right? Well that’s certainly what I thought as I strode into newly dapper surroundings of Maynooth’s S.U. I had quite a bit of time to think further on that, since the show was 90minutes late starting. Such was the atmosphere of anticipation that Donal Fallon (of the Internet) was to be heard rabidly chanting “Magic Dog, Magic Dog!”

I could tell you it was worth the wait. I certainly thought it was. The initially paltry crowd swelled to standing room proportions. Cheers, laughter and applause abounded. However, my testimony may be suspect. Caught up in the excitement, I volunteered to be hypnotised. The following two hours of the show I recall with some clarity. At least I think I do. Being successfully hypnotised to perform ballet, impersonate Michael Jackson, and forget the number seven tends to leave a man questioning a few things.

Disregarding for a second the possibility that I’ve hypnotised into giving a positive review, it was frankly awesome. Should he return, be sure to check the show out

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