A letter to the Maynooth SU, re: class rep training

Here was a letter sent to us this morning.

Dear Sir,

Would it be possible for the Student Union to explain the reasoning
behind the seemingly unnecessary expense of providing class
representative training off campus this year?
I have been a student in Maynooth for the past 3 years and I realize
that the class rep system, in its current guise, does not work.
However I cannot fathom how a junket of this nature can be seen to
even begin to solve the problems with our current system of

This seems to ape the approach that is taken by both UCD and Trinity.
Are either of these Student Unions so effective that we should seek
to copy them?

While the central idea of getting the student body to work in a more
democratic way is laudable, the current framework for achieving this
reflects a disconnect between the Student Union executive and the
members it seeks to represent.

Yours faithfully,

Eoin Griffin

[Shane and Paudi’s article on this story can be read here]

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2 thoughts on “A letter to the Maynooth SU, re: class rep training

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