Observer Week in Review: 3-7 October 2011

Alleged site of class rep training.

Maynooth News:

  • Maynooth news this week has been dominated by the revelation that the SU will spend in the region of €5000 on a class rep training junket in an as yet unnamed hotel. Shane and Paudi covered the revelation here.
  • has been the source of much of the opposition to this junket. See the thread here.
  • A protest against the junket has been organised for Monday. See the event page on Facebook here
  • Student Eoin Griffin sent us an open letter to the SU addressing his own concerns about the junket here.
  • SU President sent us his response on Saturday. Read that here


National News:

  • The week started off with Vincent Browne hosting TV3’s Big Presidential Debate. Dave wrote a review of it here.
  • In other Presidential news, Dana is evidently going to save us all from Europe by fucking off to the States.
  • ….and Sean Gallagher, one of only two candidates left intact by Vincent Browne, may have landed himself in it
  • Latest polling reflects the implosion of David Norris.
  • A new poll shows Sinn Féin to be the second most popular political party in Ireland


Entertainment Corner, with Brian

No Brian section this week folks, our bad. He’ll be back next week

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