SU reaches deal to help out hungry students

Dave Ryan points out some good work by MSU

Amid the controversy of Hotelgate, we’ve nearly overlooked a genuine good deed the Union helped broker this week. From an email sent around by the SU:

A Chara,

As of this week Maynooth Students’ Union is offering to any student who is hungry, but can’t afford food, a meal voucher.

We have reached with Chill and with Compass Catering (the cafeteria) a deal whereby any student can come to the Students Union offices on North Campus and, in complete confidentiality, receive a voucher for one standard meal + drink in either establishment.

You do not need to prove you need a voucher to receive one. Just drop into the Students’ Union offices and ask for Rob, Fiach, Naoise or Broni. 

There is no special process in either establishment to use the voucher – just grab the food you want and hand the voucher over at the till.

We will not see you go hungry.

Our best,

Maynooth Students’ Union


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