Iggy Pop to Play Hotelgate??

They huffed, they puffed, but the hotel idea didn’t fall down, so Padraig and Shane paid a visit to the Lucan Spa Hotel to see if any shenanigans were afoot at the MSU class rep training. 

We pulled up expecting burning mattresses, tvs being thrown out of windows and Iggy Pop running around half naked chasing female class reps. These notions of rock n roll debauchery which are often the case when students both young and old gather at hotels were not the case however as we entered the car park. The car park was decidedly empty. An air of calm was present underneath the low lull of home time traffic near by. We arrived as the reps were just after finishing lunch which commenced after their first session of meetings. Some were out having a smoke, while others stretched their legs by walking down to the nearby shop. On their return we noticed the soft clinging of glass bottles in brown paper bags. Suddenly the fear that Mr. Pop would return at any moment came crashing back into our minds. We would have to wait and see.

As we waited for the break to finish, we chatted with some reps over a coffee. All were pleased with the training they were receiving and were very complimentary to the entire days events. At this point your roving Observers, decided to attend one of the next talks. However, it became apparent that the next talk would be delayed for half an hour. Just enough time to get a sneaky pint in perhaps? Where’s Iggy we thought? The mood stayed calm and in no time, we were sitting at the back of a conference room awaiting further instruction.

The talk we attended was entitled “Public Speaking & Class Rep Skills” given by Colm Jordan, a former officer of USI in the early 2000s. Almost everyone remained attentive and engaged in the talk which lasted a healthy two hours. The talk entailed training for getting involved in your SU and working more closely with your class in order to give an effective chain of command in negotiating a better learning environment for students.

The talk went  on from public speaking to discuss leadership roles and effective campaigning. It is interesting to note here that Colm, an former officer of USI included a wide range of strategies in conducting an effective escalation in campaigning. His plan included several steps, perhaps even 7. Well maybe not 7, but certainly more than the plan proposed by the current Officer team, who have yet to come up with the golden amount.

Overall the talk was extremely well received. Even if ten people who attended these classes today took on board and implemented these skills and helped to build a more successful student union, we would go so far to say that the training has been a success (even if it was in a hotel). Tired and hungry, we declined to stay for the final seminar of the evening and left for home, failing to see Iggy and his Stooges.

-Padraig McCarrick & Shane McNally

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