#Aras11 Count Day live blog [Refresh to update]

Dave Ryan reports on today’s events.

So here I am for the evening, bringing you the best of the interweb and RTE as the count unfolds. Stay tuned for updates.

19.49- Logging off for now, keep an eye to the Tweet machine. You’ve been a lovely audience

19.09-Time for some HNA- Hot Nationwide action. Queue the slow jazz

19.06- Not all bad news everyone, apparently Jedward are doing Eurovision next year again.

18.58- No more #aras11 on telly til 8:30. Evidently tonight’s episode of Nationwide is an absolute belter.

18.49: David Cochrane, politics.ie co-founder, viaTweet machine: 55% of people in Brendan Howlin’s own constituency said to have voted No to

18.36- Martin McGuinness concedes. It’s MDH vs. Dana, like we all knew it would be

18.30- Eamonn Gilmore on RTE. He can’t believe his luck.

18.27- In news that will surely shock us all, Gay Mitchell concedes. Dana still holding out like a champ.

18.24- Wicklow truly the Keystone Cops of election counting. First the count is delayed because there’s more ballots then voters, then they realise, for reasons passing understanding, that 16 of their ballots are from DUBLIN CENTRAL. Now apparently some of their boxes are mislabelled. WHAT.

18.21- Tweet machine: In Wicklow, they found 16 ballot papers belonging to DUBLIN CENTRAL. HOW?!

18.18- There was a real live Dana voter on RTE news. Queue withering contempt from Dobbo

18.12- Some spoils: 

18.04- I switch back and Joan Burton was talking. FML

18.03- TV3 coverage woeful. Back to RTE.

17.59- Via NUIGSU 

17.54- 1st count Kildare Sth: Higgins 40.2%, Gallagher 31.4%, McGuinness 11.5%, Norris 6.3%, Mitchell 5.4%, Davis 3.0%, Scallon 2.1%.

17.45- NUIGSU on the tweet machine: Congratulations to SU president 1964/65, Michael D. Higgins, on his election as President of Ireland

17.24- Mary Davis congratulates MDH on the Tweet machine.

17.16- @colmtoibin on twitter: Reports of Fianna Fail supporters shouting “We’re back, we’re back!” in Dublin West. It’s like Return Of The Idiots.

17.15- TV3 Presidential coverage at 5.30. If there is a God, Vincent Browne is hosting. And he’ll open with five mins of raucous laughter

17.11- 8,000 voted for Dana in Dublin West. EIGHT THOUSAND.

17.10- Dun Laoghaire Michael D. 52.5 Sean Gallagher 17.7

17.06- Let’s face it, this is why everyone voted for him. 

17.00– Mary Banotti on RTE. ‘I was about to say that Michael D. will be a lovely little president’

16.54- “In the last hour I’ve called Michael D. Higgins to congratulate him on his performance and his success in this election. He will have my full support as President and I sincerely thank him for a positive campaign. His slogan stated that he would be a President to be proud of and I believe he will be that President.” -Sean Gallagher

16.52- Sean Gallagher has conceded

16.34- via Keith Broni on Facebook 

16.18- Michael D.  tops the poll in my constituency, Kildare North, 45.8%,  Gallagher on 26.9%

16.13- Myself and Shane are on the Tweet machine all day. @daveryaniv @thobiasinkblot @stobserver 

16.01- Higgins and Gallagher looking at a combined 110% of the poll in Longford-Westmeath. Some quality electoral math.

15.57- A tweet from our former glorious leader, Aengus Ó Maoláin: Saw Doctors re-releasing “Michael D. Rocking in the Dáil” as “Michael D. Rocking in the Áras” It’s true! Jim Fahy said it!

15.54- A lot of chatter on the tweet machine seems to suggest that the Oireachtas will likely NOT pass. Partially because no one had a clue what it was about, partially because no one wants King Enda kicking in their door

15.49- Dublin West is the first count to be announced. They are showing Michael D. at 40%, Sean Gallagher his nearest rival at 22%


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