National Day of Protest


The Student Observer has learned that the national day of protest that centred around the ‘Funeral Procession’ in Dublin city centre, was also accompanied by local protests by student Unions all over the country outside of their local TD’s constituency offices. The source told the Observer that this is intended to ‘apply pressure at a local level, with a specific focus on new TD’s that may not have a comfortable seat to win next time round’. Continue reading


Radio Free Maynooth #21- USI March Special Edition: Y U NO PAY FOR EDUCATION?

Live (to tape) via satellite

Radio Free Maynooth returns after Dave’s busy couple of weeks being unable to record. Apologies in advance for the sound quality, the podcast was done over Skype because Dave, Paudi and Shane couldn’t be in the same room.

This week we talk about one issue: the USI March. We talk buildup, media coverage, the march itself, USI Campaign policy, and the controversial human barrier.

Listen, download and enjoy!

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Rift between USI and FEE a problem for the student movement?

Last week was an eventful one for USI, one in which they organised a national march that saw over twenty thousand students take part it. Although some were seen to be excluded for, what remain to be mysterious reasons. As the week came to a close USI President Gary Redmond and Deputy President Colm Murphy while in Galway met with many of the prominent members of FEE Galway and nationally.

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AUDIO: Meeting between USI president, VP and members of NUIG SU and FEE Galway

More on this later, for now, download the audio here

It goes without saying that the details contained within this file are that of the people speaking and not of the staff of the Student Observer. The analysis of the details (opionions, accusations, etc.) contained in this clip are reserved for a subsequent article.

Controversy surrounds exclusion of ‘Occupy’ movement from student march

Dave Ryan reports on the bizarre scenes from November 16

A view through the human chain

At the ‘Stop Fees, Save the Grant’ protest on November 16, a human chain of USI stewards, and members of an Garda Síochána formed to prevent the entry of Free Education for Everyone (FEE) and Occupy Dame Street protestors from entering Continue reading

Pyrite Protesters Picket Maynooth Development

This afternoon, a crowd of about 30 people picketed the Castle Park development on the Dunboyne Road in Maynooth against the developers former firm which is refusing to engage with home owners who have pyrite damage on their homes.

The protesters consisted of home owners from the Newcastle Woods and Glen Abhann estates in Enfield, many of whom are originally from Maynooth.

The estates mentioned have been suffering from severe pyrite damage in recent years and home owners have been unable to receive any compensation, with the builder, Paddy Mooney refusing to deal with them. Continue reading