National Day of Protest


The Student Observer has learned that the national day of protest that centred around the ‘Funeral Procession’ in Dublin city centre, was also accompanied by local protests by student Unions all over the country outside of their local TD’s constituency offices. The source told the Observer that this is intended to ‘apply pressure at a local level, with a specific focus on new TD’s that may not have a comfortable seat to win next time round’.

So far there has been very little response to the local campaigns, but there is ‘hope’ that it will increase the pressure that was applied last week on the government at a local level in the weeks preceding the budget.

The Observer has also e-mailed USI President Gary Redmond requesting final costs for today’s funeral procession, which were a total of €40 for the wreath, as everything else was donated for the day.

Thobias Inkblot

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