Live Blog: Maynooth Student’s Union Occupying Anthony Lawlor’s Contituency Office

Yesterday’s blog has been rebuilt in its entirety by Dave, with a little help from Gearoid Veale via email. Let’s all blame Shane.

Maynooth SU have been occupying TD anthony Lawlor’s Constituency Office since 3 p.m. There are reportedly nine members of the Union including all the of the Exec.

Group currently Occupying Anthony Lawlor's Constituency Office

Group currently Occupying Anthony Lawlor’s Constituency Office

Dave Ryan is on the scene and providing reports. Shane Mc Nally and Thobias Inkblot are manning the tweet machine. Hit refresh to stay up to date.

Tweets of note so far;

MSU currently occupying Anthony Lawlor TDs constituency office in Naas. #stopfees #stoptáillí (from @Naoiseoc) VP for Clubs, Societies and union development, currently occupying.

@thobiasinkblot still no sign of Gardaí, we’ve covered up the front windows with our #savethegrant banner and have control of the building. (from @RuaidhriBoland) one of the members of the SU currently occupying the office.

Maynooth Students’ Union occupying a FG TD’s office. I’m taking credit for radicalising that union. Idgaf if it’s true or not. #stopfees (Aidan Rowe FEE member and activist)

We’re not leaving until either Lawlor agrees to live up to his promise of stopping fees and saving the grant or were removed.#stopfees (@RuaidhriBoland)

5.13 p.m. 

#stopfees Occupiers are Rob Munnelly, Naoise Ó Cearúil, Keith Broni, Ruairdhi Boland, Dave Flanagan, Oisin Nolan, Steven Fleming. (naoiseoc)

Group A or C let’s hope we’re based in Poland. (@garyred) USI President
5.25 p.m.
Reports from Dave Ryan state that ‘the staff have left, and were cordial and generally nice to the occupiers.’ The shutters have also been put down on the constituency office.
There are also rumours that Gary Redmond is on his way down to Naas to the occupying members of MSU.
Workers have left the building some time ago. Everything going well so far and the media seem to be showing interest. Twitter #stopfees (@naoiseoc)

Anthony Lawlor’s Office gets a makeover

@KanellosCORE roughly 3 hours in now :-) (@RuaidhriBoland)
‘Back from Anthony Lawlor’s constituency office. This could be for the long haul.’ (Dave Ryan, just in from the cold.)
18.07- Hey everyone, Dave Ryan here. Back from constituency office now, I’ll write a bit more shortly when the feeling returns to my hands. Here’s one of my pictures.
18.11- The sentiment within the occupiers is that it seems this is set for the long haul. With Lawlor long since aware of what is happening, and the staff freely allowed to leave, it doesn’t appear as it the occupiers will be removed anytime soon. Perhaps Mr. Lawlor is attempting to ignore away the occupation.
  • Reading the @hotpress interview with @Rubberbandits#OccupyNaas #StopFees (@keithbroni)
  • Still going strong. #stopfees #occupynaas #msuoccupation (@RuadrhiBoland)
  • “Maynooth SU, FEE and the like upping the ante with these occupations in recent days. Keep Calm and Carry On.” – The Internet’s Donal Fallon
  • #occupynaas #stopfees First thing interesting that’s happened here since they opened Eddie Rockets (daveryaniv)
  • Occupying local FG TD Anthony Lawlor’s office. Keep your election promises, Deputy (Keith ‘K-Bro’ Broni)
  • The joke’s on the occupiers when you think about it, they’re gonna miss the toy show (@daveryaniv)
  • My students union is occupying a politicians office in order to #stopfees , LEGENDS. #wuhey #MSU (@SPCLeigh)
  • Solidarity to the #msuoccupation ! #stopfees #savethegrant #OccupyNaas (@sleepflower_)
  • We even have a microwave in here :) #occupynaas #stopfees #msuoccupation (@RuadrhiBoland)

The Journal have written about the occupation here

  • Latest news from inside is that Broni can get RTE Player on his phone, so they’ll be able to watch the Toy Show. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.

If anyone wants to contact us with news or views on the occuptaion, email You can also go to , or @stobserver on the Tweet machine

Dave will also be tweeting throughout from @daveryaniv

  • Naas: A nice place to shop/Occupy a constituency office. (petey1759)
  • Mam and Dad concerned but supportive. I think they were just looking forward to giving me a proper dinner this weekend.(@KeithBroni)
Scenes inside:
  • For the tweeters among us, it appears everyone is using the hashtags #stopfees and #occupynaas
  • If #occupynaas starts trending, it’ll be like the best thing ever. (@daveryaniv)
  • @daveryanIV Naas trending for a reason other than a racist mayor is a great thing. (@petey1759)
  • Concerned citizen ‘I hope they left the heating in for ye all!! #occupynaas‘ (@leoniedelaney)
8:15 p.m. 
Reports of paper clips being used in a high stakes poker game and people studying
  • Everything ok here at the moment, a few naps have been had and a few people studying! (@naoiseoc)
Gardaí have arrived according to @keithbroni and @naoiseoc
Rob Munelly MSU President is currently negotiating with the Gardaí
  • @KeithBroni Looking like they are going to attempt to expel you form the premises? (@thobiasinkblot)
  • @thobiasinkblot We have an automated shutter, so it’ll be a task in any rate. (@KeithBroni) MSU Exec
8:39 p.m.
  • We have advised the Gardaí that we are not in a position to leave the property of our own free will. #stopfees #occupynaas (@RuaidhriBoland)
  • Anthony Lawlor outside with Gardaí. #StopFees (@KeithBroni)
  • Rob Munnelly currently double jobing and acting as secretary for Lawlor’s office.
  • Phone call for Lawlor in the office. Rob taking a message. Likely a wind-up, however. “Address: Central Park.” #StopFees (@KeithBroni)
Seems the phone call was legit.
  • Scratch that; it’s apparently legit (we checked a phone book). Contacted Lawlor with their details; he was appreciative. #StopFees (@KeithBroni)
9:05 p.m. 
There are now two squad cars on the scene and Gardai now demanding that they leave. Some ardent refusal from the occupying students;
  • Just heard a passer by laugh at Deputy Lawlor “you deserve it ya liar”, public on our side #stopfees (@naoiseoc)
  • @Thobiasinkblot #StopFees Anthony Lawlor standing patiently outside constituency office with two Garda. Which side will give first? (@wblumlein)
  • #stopfees @wblumlein NOT US!!! (@naoiseoc)
  • @naoiseoc @wblumlein Damn straight not us. #StopFees (@KeithBroni)
9.19 p.m.
Six hours in and #occupynaas still going

Photo from @KeithBroni

  • Apparently the lads are all set to watch Love Actually. Hugh Grant reportedly delighted he can keep their spirits high #stopfees (@thobiasinkblot)
  • To the other student unions,why not turn #occupynaas into #occupyeverywhere.The student ‘movement’ must be more than a one day a year march (@donalfallon)

Entertainment for the night

9:39 p.m. 

Pillows and blankets have just been delivered for the night according to @petey1759. All of them seem to be getting ready for the Toy Show and then some Hugh Grant time.

10.24 p.m.

Just off the phone with Dave Ryan and he has stated that when the second squad car turned up earlier the Gardaí spoke with TD Lawlor. He was not sure what was said, but Lawlor ‘did not look too pleased’ and then the Gardaí and Lawlor left shortly afterward. Spirits are high inside and they are all reportedly enjoying the Late Late Toy Show.

Shane is currently attempting to contact the Fine Gael press office for  a statement.

Statement of Support from FEE Maynooth

Currently, officers and members of Maynooth Students’ Union are engaged in a peaceful occupation of the constituency office of Fine Gael TD Anthony Lawlor in Naas, Co. Kildare. The Free Education for Everyone (FEE) branch of NUI Maynooth would like to extend their support for this action. This is a direct message to the senior partner in government that students are not willing to see their education threatened due to the failed policies of this and previous governments. FEE has always maintained that direct action is an essential element of building and continuing a campaign to have any chance of achieving victory in the fight against fees.

This action comes at the end of a week that has seen the USI partake in an occupation on Tuesday. The FEE Galway branch also occupied a Fine Gael TD’s constituency office on Wednesday. FEE Maynooth believes that in order to beat fees, huge numbers of students at a grassroots level have to be engaged with organising and protesting in similar actions. This last week has shown that there is a hunger among students to go beyond lobbying and marching as a means of protest, these have been proven to be unsuccessful in the fight against fees.

FEE Maynooth wish to extend their support to MSU and hope that they have the opportunity to work together in future as the campaign continues. Let this be the beginning.

FEE Maynooth

10:27 p.m. 

Kildare TV now down at the office for a quick Q&A with the MSU Occupiers

10.35 p.m.

Just been confirmed by @oisinDnolan that Gary Redmond will not be out until tomorrow morning. The Student Observer has e-mailed USI for a statement, but has received none so far.

11.11 p.m. 

Sleeping bags now being rolled out by the occupiers. Not sure who is sleeping beside who, that has yet to be confirmed.

  • #occupynaas @thobiasinkblot nigs beside Broni :P (@naoiseoc)

11:00 p.m.

#stopfees Everybody is good in here, thank God there’s a kettle though! #OccupyNaas

Just heard a passer by laugh at Deputy Lawlor “you deserve it ya liar”, public on our side #stopfees (@naosieoc)

There are now two squad cars on the scene. things seem to be kicking off. #occupynaas #stopfees

@KeithBroni Looking like they are going to attempt to expel you form the premises?

Gardaí arrived with one squad car and spoke to Rob Munnelly who informed them that they were not in a position to vacate the premises. At this point a second squad car turned and spoke to TD Anthony Lawlor, who then looked none too pleased according to Dave Ryan reporter on the ground. Lawlor then left with the Garda contingent.

@petey1759 @daveryanIV @wblumlein @@Sorcha_V only people left outside now #occupynaas #stopfees

@stobserver has e-mailed USI and FG for statements on #occupynaas #stopfees

@keithbroni So, who is sleeping beside who? #stopfees #occupynaas

@RuaidhriBoland So who’s on the first watch? #occupynaas #stopfees

@keithbroni So, who is sleeping beside who? #stopfees #occupynaas

12:00 a.m.

USI shows solidarity with MSU Occupy movement.

Solidarity with @MaynoothSU spending the night in Anthony Lawlor’s office in Naas #StopFees #savethegrant #occupynaas

Good night from the Observer team and the Occupying MSU team.

Until Tomorrow … Well it is tomorrow and Mr. Boland is being kept awake by snorers.

I’ve retired to the kitchen of Anthony Lawlor’s office away from everyone else. #occupynaas #stopfees #SNORING

Day two blog here


12 thoughts on “Live Blog: Maynooth Student’s Union Occupying Anthony Lawlor’s Contituency Office

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  2. Think it’s brilliant and well done,but shame about the gender balance of the occupation 🙂

  3. fair play to you, sticking the cold, missing mums home cooking, and putting
    up with a miniture toy show all for the students of ireland

  4. Well done lads be safe out there much appreciated and I am sure on the rest of us when I say a “BIG THANK YOU” for all your efforts and support 🙂

  5. The Observer reporting from the future… I’m impressed!

    10.24 p.m when it’s only 22.14 p.m.

  6. Well Crew keep this going its great this occupying is spreading dont give in on this not sure if ye have any contact with any people in Roscommon but it would do no harm at all to send your message to Roscommon as well cause FINE GAEL are not a very nice party what they done to Roscommon a&e when they closed it down on us. there was 2 fg tds 1 resign the party but still 1 is there frank feighen hes based in boyle in Roscommon if you all known students there they could kick in as well its only an idea you all HAVE OUR SUPPORT IN ROSCOMMON keep it going PEOPLE-POWER IS NOW THE ONLY ANSWER HERE.

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  8. Fair play to you lads, really glad to see that you’re taking action, hang in there and thanks for driving the point home, hopefully they’ll rethink any cuts to grants and/or increases in fees in the budget 🙂

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