MSU Occupy Anthony Lawlor’s Constituency Office DAY TWO: [LIVEBLOG]

Aaaaand we’re back. Keep hitting Refresh for updates as they are posted.

For those of you who missed yesterday, catch-up on the story so far here

Dave Ryan here with you from Naas itself. Just gonna run through the tweets and such you may have missed today, then I’ll pop down myself to have a look.

Anthony Lawlor doesn’t want trouble for the occupiers, in a story from The Journal

President Rob ‘Rodney’ Munnelly on Kildare TV yesterday

Attitudes around Naas toward the occupiers seems uniformly positive. Granted, today will be the first the majority of Naas will see the occupation (not a lot of foot traffic in that part of town in the evening)

Still, everyone seems to be set for the long haul: the public are bringing supply drops, the lads seem to be getting on fine, Anthony Lawlor doesn’t want to make this a national story, and the Gardai were thwarted by a locked door.

  •  I’d say the smell in there is something else. 😛 (Laura Feeney making perhaps the best point of the day.)

Right folks, I’m off down to check out the scenes at #occupynaas . Shane’s dropped off the face of the earth, so barring the odd tweet from me @daveryaniv , I’ll talk to you all ASAP, with some lovely pictures.

Shane is in work, but will be here sporadically and keeping an eye on the tweet machine. Don’t tell the boss

Dave here. I’m back, more on that shortly, but an impromptu debate between Lawlor and Rob Munnelly has begun outside the office on Kildare TV

Spirits are high within the Occupation, particularly after Dave supplied them with LOLs:

More of Dave’s photos from INSIDE #occupynaas this afternoon:

  • @daveryanIV Gender quotas? Anyone? (@eogriffin)
  • Well done #OccupyNaas ! Keep it up! (@gearoidbrennan)
  • #stopfees Rob was just speaking with Anthony Lawlor in front of Kildare TV #OccupyNaas (@naoiseoc)
  • Rob Munnelly vs. Anthony Lawlor on KTV: the most significant televisual event since Quantum Leap, and I do not say that lightly #stopfees (@daveryaniv)

Right, I’m off to try record a podcast inside the occupation. Stay tuned.

  • Contact Anthony Lawlor TD 0872753942 and tell him to keep his promise #OccupyNaas #stopfees Need all support we can get!!! (@naoiseoc)

19.32- Dave here. I’m back from inside the Occupation. Spirits still high this evening, bolstered by the visit of USI President Gary Redmond. Pictures, and an exclusive podcast with Rob Munnelly coming shortly.

19.38- Listen to my interview with MSU President Rob Munnelly here

19.42- Pictures from inside this evening when USI President Gary Redmond visited the Maynooth 9 (Yes, it’s nine.)

19.54- More photos:

20.18- Members of the protest talking to Sinn Fein representative Martin Kelly as he made a brief visit earlier.

20.22- Tweet Machine:

  • Sunday Business Post report fee increase of €250 in budget. Also reporting grant scheme for postgrads to be replaced with loan. Article says increase each year for 4 years. (@garyred)
  • @naoiseoc @maynoothsu Maith sibh lads. Agallamh iontach ar Kildare TV. Ná caill misneach. Lean Oraibh. #stopfees #occupynaas (@aodhanodea)
  • Well done to the Maynooth SU reps #stopfees #occupynaas who are occupying TD Anthony Lawler’s office to stop grant cuts and fee increases 🙂 (@cootzie)

20:31- For those who haven’t seen it:

Talk To Tony:

Call or text Anthony Lawlor TD on 087 275 3942 and tell him to keep his commitment not to raise third level fees or cutting the maintenance grant on Page 37 of the Fine Gael Election Manifesto. (MSU Facebook)

  • I miss my mammy #stopfees #savethegrant #OccupyNaas (@naoiseoc)
  • @naoiseoc #ManUp #StopFees (@KeithBroni)
  • #OccupyNaas, you’ve got the support of my 72 year old Nana. “Fair play to them!” (@bopsicle)

In real world news, a new Red C poll shows Fianna Fail have overtaken Labour as the country’s second most popular party

  • @RuaidhriBoland Just looked at the video. Well done to Rob and all of you occupying. #stopfees #occupynaas (@thobiasinkblot)
  • Thanks to EVERYONE for the support – it keeps us going. #stopfees#occupynaas (@RobertMunnelly)
  • Gach rud i gceart istigh anso faoi láthair na huaire #stoptáillí #stopfees #savethegrant #OccupyNaas (@naoiseoc)
  • ‎”This is not something I expected. I don’t want a repeat of this” -Anthony Lawlor T.D. Here’s an idea, don’t vote for savage austerity cuts and it won’t happen again. (Donal Fallon- he’s from the internet you know)
  • @RobertMunnelly It’s all changed out here now. We’re all on hoverboards and shit. #stopfees #occupynaas (@daveryaniv)

21.01- Right, off to grab a bit of food. Only be about ten mins. FAO Rob Munnelly: DO NOT DO ANYTHING OF NOTE WHILE I AM GONE.

21:35- Aaand I’m back

22:10- About to record a panel discussion on the Occupation so far. If you’d like to come on Skype and give your views, email

22.54- RFM #23, which is a panel discussion between Dave Ryan, Shane McNally, and Darren Buckley about the occupation can be heard here

02.42- With the occupiers settling in following an intense game of Monopoly, I’m gonna sign off for the night. See y’all for day three. -Dave



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7 thoughts on “MSU Occupy Anthony Lawlor’s Constituency Office DAY TWO: [LIVEBLOG]

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  2. Well done guys and thanks so much for doing this on behalf of all students esp. the matures.

    • @adrianshanahan, well if they are “legally trespassing” as you say ,whats the problem? If it were illegal surely Anthony Lawlor would go to the Garda station in Naas and make an issue of it. I voted for Anthony Lawlor and he seems to be a good guy, but he’s in a quandry, I think this standoff could be resolved if Anthony Lawlor agrees to attend the Dail on Monday morning wearing the T-Shirt of the Student Protest. Small price to play for being a member of a party that is lying to the electorate.
      In otherwords he should be made stand over his own words that caused people to vote for him and his party whether he has the balls to go against the party line or not. There’s plenty more reasons than just Third Level Fees that this FG/Lab government have duped the people over, its got to the stage now where they are irrelevant and continue to carry out the actions of the previous government, sure we may as well have left FF and the Greens in place to carry out the same austerity plans. Its hard to see who the real Scum are nowadays, but you can bet its not the guys who stand up for what is right and take action no matter how small or seeming futile. These folks are rare these days, they are not Scum they’re heroes!

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  4. Well Done- you guys are brilliant – its great to see someone make a stand for a change, hopefully this will encourage others to do the same and stop the government breaking the promises they made pre- election, although i don’t know why we are surprised the taoiseach would sell his Granny for a vote! Oh and by the way Rob for TAOISEACH when we overthrow the governent!!! lol

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