Budget Day & #occupynaas Day Four [LIVEBLOG]

Here we go again.

13.21- Launching straight into tweet machine news:

14.06- In a conversation with Ruadrhi Boland on the phone, the Observer has learned that the Gardai have threatened to cut off electricity to the occupiers. Thae Gradai have since left the scene for the time being.

14.10- BREAKING NEWS: It appears members of FEE have occupied the offices of Eoghan Murphy in Ranelagh

14.30- Twitter box


Students occupy Fine Gael TD’s office in opposition to education cuts.
December 5 2011.

Students from the Free Education for Everyone (FEE) campaign have occupied the Ranelagh offices of Eoghan Murphy, Fine Gael TD. They are protesting against any cuts to the grant and any increase of third level tuition fees. FEE last week occupied the office of Brian Walsh T.D in Galway, and this is the latest in a series of occupations from students in opposition to education cuts.

The students come from FEE UCD and other branches. The FEE campaign was founded in University College Dublin in 2008, but has branches throughout Irish universities and colleges, including Trinity College Dublin, the Liberties College, NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway and Queens University Belfast. It has in the past carried out a number of high profile occupations against government T.Ds and department buildings.

FEE spokesperson Lorcan Myles noted the groups support for the Maynooth Student Union occupation of Anthony Lawlor’s Naas office, and for last week’s Union of Students in Ireland attempted occupation in the city centre. “There is a need for a mass- campaign that can win, and occupying is one of the best tactics at the disposal of the student movement” he noted. The group expressed is solidarity with all protesting this budget and current austerity measures.

FEE demands:

That Deputy Eoghan Murphy vote against any rise in the student contribution or any cut to the maintenance grant, as well any proposals to bring in a graduate tax scheme or student loan system.

FEE also demands in the long-term:

An end to all University fees

A well-funded grant system that reflects the cost of living

A rejection of the Hunt Report

A legislative review of the Universities Act 1997

An end to the neo-liberal restructuring of our economy dictated by the IMF and ECB and as such the immediate removal of these institutions from our economic affairs.

See www.free-education.info for more details

For further information or clarification contact:

Joseph: 0879679278

Ben: 0876918273


14.33- Breaking news, apparently the Fine Gael press office had NO idea either #occupyranelagh or #occupynaas had happened. WHAT.

14.35- #occupynaas watches the budget:

15.00-More from the Tweet Machine

  • #occupynaas Gardaí come and gone. Usual “you won’t be able to get a visa to USA”. Good, I’ve no plans on leaving this country! #stopfees
  • Our demands are broader than simply one sector: “An end to the neoliberal restructuring of our economy by the EU/IMF.” #FEE#occupyranelagh
  • @AengusOMaolain and @ColmNMurphy of @TheUSI just arrived in Dept of Ed for Budget briefing
    (@garyred)BREAKING NEWS! -15.00
    Fees increased by €250.
  •  Student contrib to increase, no new grants for postgrads
  •  Gouging students on grant supports to save only 12.6m #budget2012#stopfees
  • Reg fee increase will only save 18.5m, not worth the fallout #stopfees#budget12
  • @daveryanIV we’re going fucking nowhere! €250 my hole! #occupynaas
  • €250 increase, shame on you!!! #stopfees #savethegrant #OccupyNaas
  • So, it’s official. The Student Contribution is being raised. FG and Labour are officially LIARS #budget2012
  • No need for the “going to college” supplements in papers anymore.Increased charges, cuts to grants, fees for postgrads = no college for many
  •  Reg fee increase will only save 18.5m, not worth the fallout #stopfees#budget12

15.12-Video Post

BREAKING NEWS FROM #occupyranelagh

Guards have been called, get down to Ranelagh and show your support! #FEE #stopfees #occupyranelagh       (@feeireland)

More Tweets 15.30

  • Government must apologise and hang heads in shame for lying to families over fees and grants #budget2012 #stopfees #savethegrant
  • @garyred apologies won’t give my family €2250 back. The only answer is to take to the streets again. #budget2012 #stopfees
  • We need to stop calling student fees the “student contribution”. The money students have to pay = fees. #budget2012
  • FF: “The people of Ireland are not to blame for this crisis”. Dáil : “YOU ARE!” #budget12

Summary of education within budget

Grant cut by 3%, Student Contribution increased by €250, no support for new post grads, but will pay fees for families under €20k income
Update from Ranelagh 15.50
-Gardaí in office, taking names
-2 guards now in office along with one remaining staff member. No attempts to remove have been made yet
  • Second Gen confirms fees may increase again nxt year.
  • A new twist on the #TellYourTD campaign. Tell Your TD…En masse…In his office…Sitting on the floor while he’s outside? #stopfees
    (PaudiMc Turkish)
  • @eogriffin anyone who wants to come pay a visit let me know and I’ll arrange transport. We’ve a good network of supporters with cars.
  •  bit rich having fianna fail asking why students are being cut!
    (@ShmickHugh) (had to throw one in)


#FEE are all out, got Eoghan Murphy to come from Dail and have another meeting with him next week, negoiated no arrests #stopfees

The FEE UCD occupation of Eoghan Murphy’s office has now ended. 16.55

From Tweet Box 17.00

  • FEE occupation has now ended. Deputy Murphy had to come from the Dáil. No arrests. #occupyranelagh #stopfees #FEE
  • Occupation by #FEE is over. Deputy Murphy came from Dail to speak to them. No arrests. Meeting between the two for next week #stopfees
NUIM Labour Youth Issue Statement of support for #occupynaas
The NUI Maynooth Labour Youth branch wishes to convey its support to the members of MSU who are currently occupying Fine Gael TD Antony Lawlor’s constituency office in Naas Co.Kildare.Labour Youth is anti-fees and will protest against any attempt by the government to increase fees or cut the grant. It is hugely important to keep this issue in the media spotlight and to let Fine Gael, Labour and every TD know that students have had enough of being the easy target. Students must stand united in this cause if we are to have any hope of being heard.

Labour Youth has lobbied Labour Party TDs over previous weeks and months and presented our Budget 2011 proposals which we feel reflect Labour Party values. Investing in all levels of education is essential to ensuring our national growth in a fair and equal manner.

NUIMLY congratulates MSU members for their perseverance and dedication in this occupation and will continue to support them in any future peaceful occupation of any member of the Fine Gael/Labour government constituency offices. Labour Youth’s proposals can be viewed online at: http://www.labour.ie/download/pdf/budget_2011_proposals.pdf

Eleanor McKenna
NUIM Labour Youth


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