#OccupyNaas comes to a late night close

The occupation of Fine Gael TD Anthony Lawlor’s office by members of Maynooth Students Union has come to an end after entering it’s fifth day.

Occupiers awoke at 1.30 a.m on December 6 to find a number of Gardaí amongst them. Details to how they gained entry are yet unknown.

Via his Twitter Naoise Ó’ Cearúil, VP for Clubs, Socities and Union Development said that no arrests or charges have been made as of yet although names have been taken of those inside.

Occupier Steve Flemming merely tweeted, “woke up in a room full of guards. #occupynaas is over”.

The occupiers thanked all its supporters who visited, dropped supplies and extended encouragement throughout the occupation.

Also today, UCD SU sent a message of support to FEE activists based from their UCD branch in their earlier occupation of FG TD Eoghan Murphy in Ranelagh. That occupation  also passed without incident and no charges or arrests were made.

More to come as it happens. Comments welcome as always.

-Padraig McCarrick

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2 thoughts on “#OccupyNaas comes to a late night close

  1. I wish my SU would issue a statement of solidarity with the FEE activists who were ARRESTED FOR PEACEFULLY PROTESTING last wednesday.

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