The 2011 Student Observer Awards

It’s that time of year again.

Owing to the enjoyment people got out of last year’s edition, the Observer Awards have returned! I’m your host, Dave Ryan, and I’m here to reward the sublime and the ridiculous from 2011. From Presidential elections to SU Junkets, broken promises to occupations, 2011 has been quite a year, so good luck to all the nominees, because it’s been quite competitive.

But first, very briefly, though it will go without saying that some of the awards have been awarded (owing to there being no competitors in the category), all the major awards have been decided by the votes of a panel of over a dozen site contributors and readers, in an attempt to make it fairer on everyone. For the awards that were voted on, we will also list the runner-up for that category. Anyway, ON WITH THE SHOW!

Musical Performance of the Year: Rodney Munnelly performs ‘Friday’ in the common room

We’ve all heard the adage ‘Where were you when JFK was shot?’. For students in Maynooth it was ‘Where were you on Black Friday?’. As a result of terrorist threats [more of which anon], MSU President-elect Rob Munnelly was forced to perform the nasal auto-tune classic ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black in the Common Room. While wearing a dress. No, really.

Best use of Boardgames: The #OccupyNaas crew play Monopoly in Anthony Lawlor’s Constituency Office

The Ross and Rachel ‘Will they, won’t they?’ award: FEE and USI

One day they’re at each other’s throats, the next they’re occupying everywhere and FEE are issuing statements of support. When will these crazy kids get together?

Best Google Search Term that led to our website: Student Sex Beach

Best Hissy Fit: Brian storms off a podcast

For listeners of our Radio Free Maynooth podcasts, rest assured, during our chaotic recordings, no moment has really compared to Shane “telling the internet” that Brian’s favourite movie is Kate & Leopold, leading to Brian legit storming off.

The Observer Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Activism: Donal Fallon

There is only one real contender for this award. Known from podcasts, articles, history segments on Newstalk, and the internet in general, no one person imbues faith in the student movement quite as much as Donal Fallon. Whether writing an article, bothering USI on Facebook, or calling into Liveline, Donal’s observations and criticisms of the student movement articulate the general sense of frustration and malaise amongst us. To quote a man who once bellowed this quite dramatically to me at a house party once: “Fallon is the kind of leader we need!”. Bravo sir.

And without further ado, the big uns…..

Best Cup of Tea:

Anthony Lawlor’s constituency office [2nd Place: Bewleys, Arts Block]

LOL of the Year:

During the MSU Elections, someone spoils a vote by drawing a cock in Ruadrhi Boland’s box. Mr. Boland goes on to contest this cock as a clear first preference. [2nd Place: Rob Munnelly in a dress]

Feud of the Year:

Donal Fallon vs. The USI Facebook Mods [2nd Place: Shane McNally vs. The fabric of time]

Tweet of the Year:

“Hanging out with @stobserver, waiting for an opportunity to steal some ballots and fashion them into a hat”- Aidan Rowe [2nd Place: Sean, your membership of Fianna Fail is very worrying for me. For that reason, i’ve to say i’m out –Paudi]

The Turkish Delight Award for Paudi Moment of the Year:

Paudi finds the Wu Tang Clan name generator, and subsequently gives everyone their Wu Tang names (e.g. Rod Munnelly= Wicked Leader) [2nd Place: Paudi gets drunk and goes mental at William Blumlein for voting Fianna Fáil]

The Leon Trotsky Award for Pretending Something Didn’t Happen:

The pivotal moment in Ireland’s history when, mid-debate, Vincent Browne unloaded a library’s worth of books on Martin McGuinness proving his IRA Membership after 1974. Martin dismissed this as anti-Sinn Féin bias. [2nd Place: Labour Party’s Education Pledge]

Hack Moment of the Year:

Micheál ‘Shmick’ Hughes, evidently experiencing withdrawl from being in the SU, installs himself as President of the Monaghan Institute SU. [2nd Place: Hotelgate]

The “ffs..” award for Most Off-Colour comment of the Year

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sounds like an osteoporosis hospital’- Cathal Óg Donnelly [2nd Place: ‘Gary Redmond? Fuck him, the aul beer bellied cunt, he gets enough air time!’- Drunk Paudi]

The David Thorne Award for Trolling

Aidan Rowe, essaying the role of a man poking both the left and right with a pointy stick [2nd Place: Paudi vs. BNP (which included him at one point trolling himself)]

Radio Free Maynooth Guest of the Year

Keith Broni: voted primarily because of his withering putdowns of Brian, Broni’s back to back appearances on the podcast have proven the most popular among our judging panel. [2nd Place: Shmick Hughes]

Article of The Year

“Protests and Promises: Where we stand in the fight for Free Education” by Dave Ryan

Quote of the Year

‘I care not for your petty bourgeois theatre’- Padraig McCarrick [2nd Place: Don’t make me be harsh to you again Brian’- Keith Broni]

The 2011 Observer Person of the Year: Keith Broni

[2nd Place: Laura Feeney]

For the second successive year, the big award has been taken by a man attempting to make The Print a leading student publication. 2010’s winner, Rob Munnelly, laid the foundations last year, and having helped Rob with the project last year, Keith ran for Rob’s old job this year and won, having run an interesting, issues-based campaign. From that point on, the man they know as ‘K-Bro’ has gone on to put the Print into another gear, making his and Rob’s goal a reality, as we now have a paper to be proud of for the first time in living memory. On top of that, he has also significantly improved the calibre of events in the SU this year. His involvement in the Union outside his remit is also notable, playing central roles in both MSU’s representation at the National March on November 16 [His Patton-esque speech has become hack lore at this point] and most recently in the #OccupyNaas effort. And all this while looking like 80’s pro-wrestler Corporal Kirchner. Well done Broni. Take a bow son.

-Dave Ryan


One thought on “The 2011 Student Observer Awards

  1. All men? *cringe* what a reflection of our gender balanced union.Here’s to another year of whimsical politics.

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