Belfast Bank of Ireland Occupied

The Student Observer has learned that, as you read, the the Occupy Movement in Belfast is occupying a branch of Bank of Ireland. So far the only apparent source of information on the event is the WSM’s twitter feed at!/WSMIreland.

More pictures from the occupation by QUB student James McNally can be found here. He’s a sound lad so don’t be afraid to like his page.

The first Tweet graced computer screens approximately 3hours ago, stating:

“Wsm members along with supporters hav taken control of bank of ireland in royal. Cops tryin to break in”

A handful of tweets followed, relaying efforts by the authorities to isolate and contain the incident, as well as expressing the occupiers’ intent to “Resist evictions”, and deny access of the building to the owner.

There have been no updates from the WSM’s twitter account for the past 45minutes, following the rather ominous assertion:

“More cops on da way..”

The major Irish news services have, as yet, to break this story, at least online, and its a couple of hours yet until the SixOne News. The WSM’s own website,, has yet to post anything on the event.

@thobiasinkblot and myself, @cargin4107, will be tweeting any updates that are forthcoming over the course of the day.


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