Volunteer Tutors NUIG

I know this is not our usual remit but an interesting service is now coming out of NUI Galway that may be of interest to friends and relatives studying there.

A new free grinds service has become available to students of NUIG who are finding it difficult to keep up with course work. The programme is an initiative of Free Education for Everyone, Galway, a campaign for equal access to education.

It was established on the belief that academic achievement should not be contingent upon financial means. FEE members were also made aware that the SU grinds register did not facilitate tutors who did not wish to charge for grinds.

Following a recommendation by FEE members, the SU grinds register now allows tutors to advertise their services for free. Those who do so are clearly indicated on the grinds register.
The concentration is currently on enabling and equipping potential volunteer tutors.

If you know anyone that would be interested in either volunteering or availing of this initiative you can check out the NUIG Community Knowledge Initiative or the Volunteer Tutors NUIG Facebook page.

Pádraig McCarrick


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