Call For Materials By

An interesting research project is being undertaken at DCU with the Irish Student Movement Research Project. 

The history of the Irish Student Movement Project is a postgraduate research initiative of the School of Communications in Dublin City University. The project will, for the first time, critically examine the role of the student movement in shaping Irish society and State policy in a number of key areas.

It will give an account of the history of the various organisations established by students and detail key events that made the student movement a force for social change in Ireland.

The three main areas of focus by the project include 1. Students and Feminism, 2. Students and the Church, 3. Student Movement structures.

For more info on the site, its aims and how to contribute to this very worthwhile endevour, check them out! Best of luck to all involved.


2 thoughts on “Call For Materials By

  1. Many thanks for giving us a mention guys.

    Don’t forget websites like your and the platform it gives is important to us. We will be shortly adding a link list to the site and will recirpocally link The Student Observer.


    The Student Movement Research Project.

  2. It’s our pleasure. Great initiative and long overdue. All of us here are looking forward to the progress. Hope you get to expand it in future and looking forward to the results you get.
    Also cheers for the add in advance. We love a good shill.

    All the best,

    -Pádraig, Dave, Shane, Brian & Jim.

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