#MSUelec12 : The First Red P Poll Results

Dave Ryan brings the stats in our baseline round of polling

On February 20th we launched the Red P (yes, P for Paudi) polls to gauge public opinion as the MSU election campaign wages on. The results of the first polls, from a sample of 180 people, are as follows:

The polls for SU President show that first-time candidate Séamus Reynolds begins his campaign with a healthy lead over current VP CSUD Naoise Ó’Cearúil. Naoise, a far more public figure to the student body as a whole, should have expected to poll better from the off. These figures would suggest that Naoise will not be able to win this election based on his visibility alone.

The same, however, can not be said for the VP Welfare, where it appears that the year round performance of the incumbent Fiach O’ Neill have seen him open up a massive lead over his competition, who combined don’t have half the first preferences Fiach has clocked up here.

The race for Naoise’s job sees an early favourite in Lorna Deegan, holding a 16% lead over nearest competitor Eoin Griffin, though seeing as she was pencilled in as a favourite from the off, this is broadly in line with expectations.

The contest for Keith ‘Boom Boom’ Broni’s job indicate a two horse race at the moment between former RFM panelist William Blumlein and Ailbhe Mahon, though it is worth noting that last year’s narrowly beaten Mal Callan is a strong third, and now that Cal Philbin has withdrawn, it is expected that the majority of his first preferences will allign to Mal.

Non-sabbatical positions:

Raw data

Dave Ryan

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