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This evening The Print had it’s meeting for nominating their representatives for the nominee for best blog we humbly accepted this invitation.

At the beginning of the night Keith Erroneous invited the incumbent candidates for his position to give a one minute spiel on their motivations for running for his position. Mr. Erroneous has a lot of passion for his position and wants to see his unique package handed over with care to someone who knows what they are doing. With this in mind all four (not five, candidates as Cal has dropped out) gave a one minute speech on their campaign.

Mal Callan

Mal was very complimentary the Print. He mantioned such things as video journalism in combination with a more online presence. He said he would make The Print more ‘colloquial, funnier … and it is overall too hard to improve.’

Steven Flemming

Flemming stated that The Print was a ‘fabulous paper’, but the one thing he would change would be to ‘celebrate’ the talents of everyone in Maynooth. He then stated that most of his experience was online.

Ailbhe Mahon

He immediately addressed the reason he has not been involved in The Print, which was that he had been building the fledgling Media Soc. He advocated no radical changes, but stressed that the ‘big thing, would be is to get more contributors.’

William Blumlein

William opened with that The Print was ‘average at best’, and that there should not be a printed version at all. It is safe to say that this was the most provocative statement of the evening. This was the most radical change proposed, stating that The Print should only have four editions for the entire year, as it would be predominantly an online paper, updated daily.

Shane Thobias Inkblot Danger Mc Nally 

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