Midnight Promotions Issue Apology

In the wake of last weekends events in relation to the advertisement posters for ‘Monday’s at Alchemy‘, Midnight Promotions spokesperson Jamie White has issued an official apology on behalf of  the company. Posted in the comments section of the Facebook group ‘End Monday’s At Alchemy’s sexist and dangerous advertising‘, here is the statement in full.

After a lengthly review on these matters, Aoife Campbell and all other members of this group on behalf of Midnight thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. 

You were right to raise concerns and establish this group, the graphic should have never been published. Not only that but the matter in which your initial complaint was addressed was, upon review an embarrassment.

I have introduced a new complaints procedure throughout our business whereby we will welcome complaints and will address them immediately to better our business. 

There was a massive breakdown internally whereby this graphic and indeed others in the past were published. I have introduced a brand manager within Midnight to oversee all events, flyers, graphics etc. In future we will strive to be a market leader in this area with the highest standards achievable. 

Likewise there was a considerable breakdown in communication internally whereby individuals within our business thought it right to comment and interact with this group. On behalf of Midnight I unreservedly want to apologise for any offense that was made through these comments. The views and comments made by the individuals concerned are not that of the business as a whole nor my own and again I would like to apologise on their behalf.

I want to thank all members of this group for bringing these matters to our attention, had you not, we would have never known what offense we had caused. I can assure now that we have reviewed our strategy going forward and all comments, suggestions etc. within this group are being taken on board. Furthermore, I would like to invite anyone that has recommendations or suggestions for our business going forward to meet with me. Again, in future our goals to be a market leader in this area with the highest standards achievable. 

Ultimately we are trying to build a business that caters to the needs and wants of students and that supports them. The idea that something we’ve done has led to offense is a complete contradiction to our goals for this business. 

Again, I really want to apologise to all concerned…. We’ve built this business over the last six years, we’ve invested these years in to building something we can be proud of. This whole situation has been a horrible slur on our image and our part a massive embarrassment.’

While the apology has been seen and thanked by many members of the group, Aoife Campbell has stated that “receiving an apology was not our intention, our intention is to make as many formal complaints as possible, so if you have made one, please do so”. Since its creation on Saturday, the group has swelled to nearly 850 members with a vast majority of them indeed submitting complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland. As of this time, the ASAI have not issued any comment on the vast amount of complaints already received.

What are your thoughts on the statement? A case of too little to late or commendable?Get in touch with our ever growing online community by commenting or dropping us an email to the usual studentobserverireland@gmail.com

-Pádraig McCarrick

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