Midnight Promotions Update: A.S.A.I Statement

Following up on the last post, the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland have recently posted a statement on their News section in relation to the Midnight Promotions posters. It reads as follows.

“The ASAI has received a significant number of complaints regarding advertising by Midnight Promotions. The advertising, containing the words “IF YOU’RE NOT UP FOR IT DON’T CUM” was published on their Facebook page but has now been removed. We currently do not regulate the content of companies’ Facebook or similar social network pages and while this position is currently being reviewed we cannot take any action at this time. ASAI will in the future be making further statements on extensions to our remit including these digital areas”

While the ASAI are unable to regulate such advertising on social media sites, the campaign and complaints can be seen to have generated much debate on the standard of advertising by companies who base much of there promotion online. Further still, it highlights how such campaigns for standards in advertising can quickly make a difference and embarrass offending companies into reviewing their advertising standards for the better.

In the wake of these recent statements, Aoife Campbel of “End Monday’s at Alchemy’s sexist and dangerous advertising“l stated that the group intended to keep “open so that further discussion can be had, and so that the over 800 people who have joined can use this as a forum to discuss, rally and formally contest any further offensive publications (whether on the grounds of gender, sexuality or ethnicity), made by any organisations or companies who choose to perpetuate in their media, our incredibly unequal society.”

-Pádraig McCarrick

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