#MSUelec12 – List of candidates’ Social Media & Start of Election Season Podcast

Dave Ryan compiles a manifest-acular (yeah, I said it), with added podcast.

(Note: In retrospect, Dave DID mess up the Irish Officer again. John Ó’Liondáin did not run last year. That was Paddy Ó’Lionáin. John is currently President of the Cuallacht and has never ran for an exec position until this year. Soz)

Election season provides us with a lorry-load of information to find and digest in a relatively short period of time. With that in mind, your friendly neighbourhood Observers have helped you out. What follows is a list of Candidates with their relevant Facebook page or website attached, making it convenient for you to read up on the candidates. This list will also be available on the new #MSUelec12 tab on the main page of our site.

In addition to that, we present you with the 25th edition of Radio Free Maynooth, where I and Political and Business correspondent Jim O’ Brien discuss the election season. We experienced some major problems with our internet during recording, so we could not find a lot of the candidates pages, and some only partially loaded, so their manifestos were not visible. Hence, we attempted to focus on polling, and broad issues for the election.

Naoise Ó’Cearúil
Séamus Reynolds

Vice President, Welfare & Equality
Fiach O’Neill
Danielle Claire O’Sullivan
Podge Sheridan

Vice President, Clubs Societies & Union Development
Lorna Deegan
Katarayna Dobosz (Katie Dobosz)
Eoin Griffin
Maeve Kavanagh
Cain Lynch
Peter Quinn

Vice President, Services Events & Communications
William Blumlein [no public page available yet]
Mal Callan  [no public page available yet]
Steven Fleming
Ailbhe Mahon
Cal Philbin

Irish Language & Cultural Affairs Officer
Dean MacCearaín
John O’Liodain

Theology Representative 
Stephen Graham
Sean Smith

Faculty of Science & Engineering Representative
Darren Buckley
Ryan Cahill
Shauna Kelly

Faculty of Arts, Philosophy & Celtic Studies Representative
David Flanagan [no public page found yet]


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