Holocaust Survivor to Speak at NUIM Today.

The NUIM History Society would like to invite all students and those interested, to attend Holocaust survivor Zoltan Zinn-Collis speak of his experiences in Bergan-Belsen Concentration Camp in 1945 later today.

The event will proceed at 18.30 sharp this evening in Iontas and all students hoping to attend are asked to come early. Zoltan Zinn-Collis is one of a small Continue reading


Miss Representation to Screen at NUI Maynooth

After a successful screening by the Irish Feminist Network earlier this month, Miss Representation will now be shown on campus in Maynooth thanks to the NUIM Femsoc, on Thursday, 28 March in Iontas Building.

Miss Representation explores the modern conventional media and how their often stereotypical and negative depictions of women have undermined Continue reading

Speak Out Against Racism

With International Day Against Racism taking place this week, Thomas Connolly gives us some words about the day and why it is still so prevalent today. 

March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (or International Day Against Racism), part of the European Action Week Against Racism which runs from the 17th  to 25th March. This year the theme of the day is Speaking Out Against Racism, and to mark the day events will be take place across Europe Continue reading

Lucinda, Y U NO Talk to Students?: MSU Protest to Minister’s Visit.

Yesterday, Monday 12 March, Maynooth Student’s Union held a protest outside the Iontas building when Minister of State and European affairs Lucinda Creighton was visiting to give a lecture on opportunities for graduates in Europe. The talk was organised by the Maynooth Career Development Centre and Centre for the Study of a Wider Europe.

This followed an open letter they sent to the President of the College, Professor Philip Nolan, explaining why they Continue reading

MSU To Protest Fine Gael Minister Visit.

Maynooth Students’ Union and Free Education for Everyone are to protest the presence of Fine Gael Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton as she gives a presentation on careers in the European Union later this afternoon.

In a letter to NUIM President Professor Philip Nolan, MSU outlined its reasons for protesting Minister Creighton’s appearance at the university. The statement on Continue reading