Welcome one and all. Tonight brings you the second of our SU Exec live blog debates in conjunction with The Print. The Debate tonight will include VP for Services, Events & Communications and VP for Clubs, Societies & Union Development. Due to begin at 19.00. 

Peter Quinn takes to the stage during the VP CSUD debate.

21.51 That’s a wrap for proceedings, thanks to the co chairs Shane McNally and Keith Boom Boom Broni and also to the candidates. Elections are Wednesday March 7th so get out and vote!!

21.47 Floor, differerent colleges have different ways of electing class reps how would you elect class reps? Maeve, a clapometer has been used, Maeve would stick to the constitution and use a show of hands. Floor: /it is difficult to count hands in JH. Eoin, students should be previously informed about the union and the class reps system, then to go in and try and elect reps. Try and take advice from other colleges on the system that they use, Trial and error will help find a good one. Peter, there’s a lot of potential in this position. It is very time consuming to elect class reps. He would stick to the show of hands as directed in the constitution. Katie believes that secret ballot is a better way, the anonymity would help prevent animosity. Try and get all members of the class to attend when electing a rep. Lorna, have to follow the constitution. Maybe used a trial system, hand out forms then come back later for nominations and elections. Try use moodle to elect class reps.

21.45 To Peter about his manifesto. Have you gone to sports officer about your aims and why? Peter says no. he has not got in contact. Says if the students want it why shouldn’t it. It did not occur to him to go to sports officer. He works for the students. tripping up a bit in the discourse. He says he would ‘work to it’ and would then include talking to the sports officer.

21.37 Reaction to TCD fraternity? Eoin says he was baffled by the idea. A very strange element in Trinity. He would personally step down from his position and get rid of it. A horrible notion and he is totally against it. Lorna agrees. As far as its association by the uni, it could never go ahead. Maeve has not read the story but would be against the idea of a fraternity. Refs Old School. Peter, unaware of situation but it creates a elitism and the hazing is extremely dangerous. Would distance from the su. Katie, also unaware but against it. THEY ALL HATE IT!

21.33 How would they improve democratic structures? Peter, Favours a report by officers to give more clarity and transparency. Eoin mentions his plan for online voting. Inexpensively introduced in Queens. Believes it as a tangible way to increase student participation in elections. Would never have to worry about quorum on constitutional issues. Maeve reiterates her point about transparency for C&S. Katie wants to make sure that the class rep mailing list is effectively used in contacting reps on UC and the details of motions being discussed. Lorna says that approachability is key and office hours is needed for faculty reps. More town halls are needed and advance notice is needed to get as much of the student body involved as possible.

21.30 Questions from the floor POI Each C&S has to submit an audit and where the money is going. very tough. Eoin says he did not mean to be flippant. meant that he believes that they should be as autonomous as possible.

21.22 Class rep training. Was it good or bad? Cheaper than campus. Maeve in her opinion is essential. They represent you and need to be trained and how to represent you and without training they would be useless. It should be looked at and always room for improvement. Peter, as a class rep believes it is also essential. If a specific student has an issue they are trained to know how to refer on to the welfare officer. Without the proper training, a rep would feel overcome. Are aware of the supports as a result of the training. Lorna says that the attendance has been much better than what it has been in previous years. Not the crowds they want but always improving. Training offers much benefits to reps, improving confidence and ability to speak out in classes. Eoin, involved in the petition, water under the bridge. One of Naoise’s best achievements. A great idea to train reps better and make available the training and make it more widely available. Would aim to run it as cheaply as possible on campus. Find a reasonably inexpensive way of paying for it.  Katie says the class rep system MUST be part of university life. Without the training, reps would be lost. The controversy was that students didn’t know what was involved in the training and the cost. Inform students on what it was about rather than a weekend away.

21.14 Opinion on standardised committee for C&S? Eoin, who has not been involved much  with C&S but has recently helped in the setting up of the FEMSOC and has been shocked by the red tape in setting it up. Would make this as simple as possible to set up these. Maeve believes that some C&S have specific needs for positions and this should be allowed easily. Katie agrees with the key people but should depend on the C&S and the work they involve. Dance Soc for ex have specific jobs that are not needed in others. Why there should be a standard for main roles but also allow flexibility. Lorna and Peter confirms the same sentiments.

21.08 Do any candidates have experience fighting fees and what can this bring to the role? Peter says its what the students want us to fight for them. If elected he would fight on behalf of students. Maeve states a lot of people wouldn’t be here if more cuts were made to grants. Would do her up most best to fight for students. Katie says the grant is essential and if it was cut, she personally would have to get another job with study suffering. Her role would be to get feedback from students and continue to bring this higher. Lorna has taken part in ‘the fight against fees’. As faculty rep, has signed up students to march and took part in #occupynaas. Eoiny Pony, as the ‘figurehead of FEE LOL’ has been part of the organised march against Aine Brady. Got involved over Bertie Ahern debacle. An issue close to his heart. Education is a right not a privilege and education is the most important thing we can offer people. As VPCSUD, he would work with students to get the opinion of students and how far they are willing to go.

21.03 Are you happy with usi and why? Maeve says she is very much in favour of USI and the support it gives the SU. No reason why she don’t. Katie agrees. Our small size means that we can’t fight against stuff on our own. She thinks that students need to know more about what USI does and have info available. Peter is also for USi but students needs to know more on what good work it does for us. We need the support of a higher body. Change needs to be mandated. Eoin says USI is a very strange and wonderful organisation. The idea of USI has got lost between Joe Duffy and Gary Redmond. There is a huge feeling of disenchantment. We should push for more than just one march a year. The current system isn’t working and the need for a discussion on USI is needed for it to work properly. Lorna swings both ways and is both pro and con USI. She says some good stuff about what is wrong with it but is in favour.

21.01 Lorna Deegan takes to the stage. 3 reasons to vote for her. 1 class reps. system needs to be looked at and more training given to them. 2 Clubs and Socs. Special events funding isn’t widely known about, people aren’t making events because of finances. 3 Training for committees and new hand books with newer relevant information ready from the start of semester 1.

20.57 Katie Dobosz take to the stage. talks of her experience in Dance Soc which she says is one of the biggest, most active socs on campus. Would like to bring back the clubs and socs section of the Print so that people are informed of upcoming events. Would work with VP sec to make promotional videos for socs. Would like to organise more day time events for commuters. Would like a clubs and socs address book on the new website. Plans to have online video tutorials for committees. Will have class rep details on the relevant website and would have a class rep mailing list.

20.54 Maeve Kavanagh takes to the stage introducing herself with her cuid gaeilge. Talks about her vaious poritions helds on numerous committees. Feels she has the experience to train scoieties on how to adequately use social media and blogging. Laments recent union councils not reaching quorum, would like to re-vamp the structure similar to a clubs and socs system so that more decisions can be made

20.51. Eoin ‘Hippogriff’ Griffin takes to the stage and engages with the petty bourgeois theatre. Admists that he hasn’t been actively involved in clubs and socs. Admists to taking partying very serious in his first year in college. Would like to promote sports events better, take the recent under promotion of the collgeg getting to the Sigerson Cup final as an example. Appeals for the floating vote

20.49 Peter Quinn is up first. Starts off saying that he wants to have a seperate clubs and socs day and wants to integrate a sports day into the clubs day. He wants to improve the class rep system. He wants to see improvement in the standards of accomodation off campus and wants to liaise with landlords. Is looking into getting a student discount card similar to ones in the Dublin universities

20.48 And we’re back Cain Lynch apologises as he cannot attend due to prior commitments.

Dave Ryan IV applauds the work of media soc who have been recording the events. Break time in anticipation of the debate for VP CSUD

20.20 For the last 2 years the SU has used misogynistic events like wet t-shirt and jelly wrestling, as the bar is making a loss, do you think that the end justifies the means. Will even though he might sometimes find it distatsteful. He doesnt believe in restricting people. If societies would like to use other means of promotion then he is open to using them. Ailbhe; his manifest wants to move away from these types of promotions, he speaks of prior negative experience in male jelly wrestling. Steve; doesnt think it’s a big crowd pleaser, a minoroty seem to enjoy it. We shouldnt be exploiting people to promote events, rather we should be encourage the talents that are already there. Mal; the SU needs to be re-branded. He would like to take the route that involved musical events rather than the more sleazy ones.

20.19 Question for Steve, costs of the proposals in your manifesto were around the 60 thousand euro mark. How much revenue do you plan to raise from your ventures. Steve, is looking for a studio that would be web based.

20.12 Will, you said at a recent contributers meeting that none of them would make it in professional journalism. This was deeply hurtful especially for aspiring journalists. How do you expect to work with people you have insulted. Will blames his poor social skills and says that he often argues contrary to what he feels so that he can see how people react to. Name drops people he knows that work for Sky News and apologises. And then apologies again. Floor, will you use this tact again? Will, likes to make decisions and then stick to them. Reflects on the timing constraints he had, made a rash decision.

20.09 The union makes a loss unnually, how would candidates fund their ventures. POI from Broni, the bar is making a loss, the Union is in the green. Ailbhe, there are lots of things that can be done for free, like the app idea. He wants to utilise the talent that is among students in the computer science dept for web design, and then the Ents crew would work for free to promote events. Will most of the things in his manifesto are not very expensive. Ten students would be charged a fiver a head for a public speaking class. Campus printing makes a profit. Again emphasises his love for the Beach party which sells very well every year. Steve; the only thing that would cost money in his manifesto would be the studio. This would be an investment. Local business would be interested in using web space for advertising. Mal; his manifesto promises home grown forms of media. He wants to re-brand the SU similar to The Roost. First 2 weeks of term are imperative to start a precedent for how events will sell during the year.

20.06 How would candidates react if funding was cut to the paper similar to Boston college in the 70’s. Will, doesn’t think that funding would be cut due to the backlash that would occur. Bemoans the lack of articles regarding the lack of services on campus.

20.01 POI Will, Steve has stated previously his reluctance to work with LGBT contributers. Earlier referring to LGBT people as ‘them’ in a derogatory term. Steve completely refutes the comment. He says he wouldnt be able the community with certain issues but would pass those issues to someone who could help. Floor asks, what would he not feel personally comfortably with? He says he know’s it’s not about him. He respects any persons freedom. Floor. Do you think that that’s not good enough for a college paper? Steve, believes in everyone’s right to freedom, college is an area for debate. Discussion curtailed. Floor, member of LGBT community, uncomfortable with the blatant bullying of a candidate, Steve has represented himself well. That should be enough.

19.59 Would candidates publish articles that countered a Catholic ethos such as same sex marriage or stem cell research. Ailbe says it’s a simple ‘yes’ answer. Will says if it’s newsworthy it should be printed. Students own the paper not corporate bosses. Mal would be reluctant to publish anything that incites hatred, but would use editorial discretion. Steve is a big advocate of freedom of speech and expression of opinions.

19.58 Mal: you want to make the Print more humorous. In the current climate do you think that that’s the best way to go? Priority should be given to important political content but humorous content should be there. Asked if he would make editorial calls on articles that were not funny enough. Says it is a possibilty. Will chips in that people’s tax dollars pay for the Print and that there should be less control by the University authorities and if elected criticisms will be printed.

Will: You have said that The Print was mediocre at best, why have you changed your opinion? Will needed to offer a different view point so that people would defend the Print and offer reasons as to why it should be kept. The most recent issue of the Print was spectaculr, didn’t know it could be achieved in a college environment.

Ailbhe; little experience in Print Media, justify reasons for running? All media should compliment each other and time should be divided evenly between the Services Ents and the Print

19.51 Steve; the losses that you spoke of earlier were 2 years old and were also part of the losses accrued for teh shop, offer rebuttal? Stands corrected

19.50 Mal; earlier you said that you didnt know that you could be a member of a club or Sco, surely you could have just asked. Mal agrees.

19.46 Surely if you can give time to campaign, surely you can give time to write an article. Will mentions they have had written a piece and that not all have taken the two and a half weeks to campaign. Mal says he has abandoned his normal life and can’t multitask. No excuse though. Ste, pretty much has been said already. podcasting and editing his main form of media. Ailbhe says more along the same lines and still going to lectures and doing projects.

19.44 why have none of you written for the print? Ste, podcasting is his prefered format and not the best writer hence not his involvement. Ailbhe mentions not working with the print but has sat in on a few contributors meetings but has been very busy with media soc and has not had the time to write for the print. Will mentions the time constraint and his involvement in Lit & Deb and his involvement. Hopefully will be able to write more next year. Mal is an external and not supposed to be on campus he says but not really an excuse.

19.40 Broni has offered various benefits to contribs. Can u name any? Ste wants to have a profile page for contributors.  was the q about this year? lol Albhie says that you get to go to press screenings and behind the scenes. Will, the satisfaction of a job well done and that they are fond of their whiskey. The main thing is the satisfaction is having your own work published. If elected wants a proper archive system. [Note that benefits that ARE in place.] Ste mentions the awards. Seriously his question is not really being answered so i’m gonna stop writing the answers.

19.38 What is av spend of a student on a night out? 15, 20, 30? emmm? 6? 20? It’s 7 to gasps from crowd.

19.34 Q’s from floor How do students feel to students finance as a reason for poor turnout at events? Ailbhe says season ticket for all events is the best way as students when they have money at start of semester will come to events. Will “we’re all broke”. Thinks that the key is ensure better diversity and better knowledge of diversity. Better advertisement will allow students to choose how to best spend their money be they C&S events or big gigs. Key is to know! Ste wants to celebrate local talent by advertising events that don’t cost a lot of money. really good acts on campus that won’t cost much. We must support these acts in conjunction to the big acts. Mal believes in a supposed ‘downward spiral’ over his years in college. Su used to be the ultimate pre drinking place. Video journalism is an effective form of advertising that is effective.

19.32. Recording studio for artists who want to get themselves out there and to use the service my making demos. All a step to start a web radio station with app. Integrate The Print with the podcasts. Simple design. His experience with setting up this kind of media. Use local acts within campus and weekly text message with events going on.

19.31 Steve takes to the floor. Wants to introduce an su rewards card for using su services. Stamps for so much money. Can be cashed in for a reward. used in O’Briens etc. In Comms, wants to bring in a radio studio to allow podcasts to be recorded and express their talents through media. be able to express other people’s talents in sports. To be about the students for the students. 

19.29 wants to re-establish an Ents crew to help with better promotion of events. He has experience with apps and wants to develop an Ents app, to show what events are on and where to buy tickets. Apps for everyone. Wants to have a ‘season ticket’ for the SU.

19.27 Ailbhe Mahon takes to the stage, doesn’t want to bore us. He emphasises his experience. He has a degree in multimedia and is VP of Media Soc. J=He films everything on campus. Wants to bring in radio journalism next year.

19.26 Assumes Fiach will win the Welfare election and would like him to run an anonymous advice column in the Print next year.

19.25 his brother works in RTE and he has learned a lot from him about online journalism. He’s like the Print to represent the view of the college more. He likes the physical pleasure of feeling paper.

19.24 Mal Callan takes to the stage, tells of the pain he suffered after being defeated by the Imperial Keith Broni in the election for this position last year.

19.23 Will also wants online ticket reservation and a massive beach party at the end of the year

19.21 It annoys Will that there’s no centralised advertising system. He wants to utilise notice boards and the web site to advertise for events. Wants more computers in the SU shop for printing. Wants to establish public speaking and presentation workshops

19.20 William Blumlein takes to the stage…doesn’t like the podium. He really cares about communications. He even left an EGM to be here. Proud of the fact that he repeated second year in college, just to prolong his college career, now he feels it’s time to give back.

19.15 All candidates looking very relaxed on the stage, the music of The Corrs is quite relaxing to them

19.12 VP sec candidates taking to the stage.

19.10. Running a bit late. Crowds still making their way in. Should be starting in next few minutes.

-Leonie Delaney & Pádraig McCarrick

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