#MSUelec12: MSU Elections Hustings Videos With NUIM Media Soc.

We’ll update the post as more videos come along so keep an eye out as the day goes one. Well done to the Media Soc on a gargantuan effort over the last week. Love ye guys.

First up is the the Presidential candidates Naoise Ó Cearúil and Seamus Reynolds. make sure to check out our live blog from Tuesday for how they faired in the Student Observer/The Print Sabbat Debates.

Next up is the hustings for candidates running for Vice President for Clubs, Societies & Union Development. Candidates are Eoin Griffin, Lorna Deegan, Peter Quinn, Cain Lynch, Katie Dobosz and Maeve Kavanagh. Make sure to check out the Live Blog from last nights debate.

Irish & Cultural Affairs Officer candidates Dean MacCearaín and John O’Liodain take to the stage.


Welfare & Equality candidates Fiach O’Neill, Danielle O’Sullivan and Podge Sullivan take to the stage.


-Pádraig McCarrick

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