Survey: Student attitudes to elections and MSU

Election, a time of year when the hacks get themselves into a frenzy of excitement that has no equal. For those who keep an active eye on the work of the union this is the most important week of the year, probably more important than exams. We at the Observer would like some feedback from our great readership and ask, what do you think about it all? We’d like to get a general evaluation of the work that the current student union has done over the year. We want to know how a candidate gets a vote from someone who isn’t on their campaign team. What boxes do they have to tick for you before you put one in their box (see what I did there?)

Below you will see a survey, if you’ve taken the time to read these ramblings, then why not fill it out.

Click here to fill out survey

Yours in token Sociology

Leonie Delaney

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